How do you overcome plateaus?

Bernice O.
I must say it can be easy to fall back into your old habits. To over come plateaus – I remember and think about why I started this journey.
Sam O.
I just get and do it. The days and times I dont want to do anything are the times when I feel I benefit from it the most…SO JUST DO IT!
Abram F.
How are you overcome plateaus number one thing is to meditate, or do mindfulness. Another way is to talk with my husband about it and usually I’m able to overcome whatever obstacles in my way.
Fabienne J.
I accept plateaus as normal so allowing it to be as it is I do some breathing I'll accept how I'm feeling I may go for a gentle walk and I'll remember to be kind and gentle to myself
Kasper Z.
Generally it's ok to take some time to consolidate or even rest. Just don't it too much of a habit. ☺️. Feeling guilty about slacking off is not a great motivator. When you are reminded, think about what you have accomplished, about what you can and will accomplish, and start in again, possibly changing your approach to the task.
Katharine E.
I’m going through that now. My advice is to keep going, and thank yourself for what you did that day, rather than getting in your head about not making further progress. Take the journey as it comes.
Sofia W.
I overcome plateaus – they Are part of The game – reboot- do not make a big deal of my goals they are flavors to my life- I choose them and I love them in good and bad days.
Julia U.
Do something big and out of routine …go on a trip. It reminds you how important your daily routine is and makes you miss it. A big change, like getting a puppy, also shakes you awake to realize the most basic routines, like exercise and meditation and diet, are the pillars of strength from which to grow. Also, sometimes life just gets complicated, like your spouse breaking his shoulder, and you realize that the plateau you are on is a great daily reminder of the strong base you have already built. And that without that plateau, you would be having a much more difficult time. Plateaus are just as much of the landscape of life as mountains….be kind to yourself and accept where you are at right now.
Sean E.
Connect with other people, those who are also struggling and those who have gotten past struggles, who are now flying free. When I connect with other people, and we feel like we are in the same story, I feel more alive. Alone, the echo chamber is self-defeating, self justifying, and doesn’t bring the helpful challenge of a different perspective.
Roberto P.
Recommit yourself to your goals. Think of the end result and happy you will be for sticking to it and following thru on your goals.
Amalie X.
Depending on what kind of plateau I'm facing, I can do a couple of things.
When I was doing weight training I never really faced a plateau, because there were always aspects in which I could find progress. I could use more weight for one of the exercises, if not, I could do one more rep, if not, I felt less out of breath, or I had to stop less time to breathe, or I discovered a new change on my body, a new muscle that showed, things like that.
I just say this because maybe someone would have took it as a plateau every time when I didn't higher up the weights. Which was most of the times. So the first thing is, I try to find progress from other perspectives.
The second thing is that after I set the goal, I always try to focus on completing the habit that leads me to that goal, trying to get streaks rather than looking at my progress every time. This works well with my stretching, because when I focused on getting my splits I always ended up pushing myself too much and getting an injury. Now I focus on completing my splits-stretch every day, and not breaking my streak. It works wonders, because I get a sense of accomplishment even if I didn't get more flexible or I am even less flexible that day. This way I don't push myself too much because I want to see progress, I don't end up with an injury, I don't have to wait weeks/months to heal and I don't end up at square one after one week of progress and more weeks of being injured.
The third thing helps with what I don't necessarily HAVE to progress, and that is to love what I do. The question was posted on the exercise habit, so I'm gonna assume it's an exercise plateau. If I'm not training for a race/competition, I'm in the lucky position where I absolutely don't have to stress about my progress. Currently I'm biking, so I can just jump on my bike, go to the nearby mini-forest with a beautiful lake next to it, without people around, and I can enjoy the fresh weather, the sun getting stronger, the birds chirping, the animals having fun, the sound of the leaves and wood cracking under my tires, and fill up with energy. I can enjoy a foggy morning where everything looks a bit mysterious, an overcast day, gentle rain that makes me feel like I'm in a Harry Potter book, or full on rain, that can also be fun.
And during that time I couldn't care less if I progressed or not, which makes it always a nice surprise when I notice the progress from time to time.
Julia F.
By just looking back at my progress and thinking about how badly I want to achieve a goal. Also doing things will friends helps a lot
Bonnie U.
Reassess my eating habits
Excercise more
The amount of calories I eat should be less than the amount of calories I burn
Rosemary N.
By a new boost of motivation. Reading motivational books, learning new techniques, and starting a small and easy habit (but something that i’ve been postponing for years) is what usually takes me out of plateaux.