Do you find it more beneficial to exercise every day or take periodic breaks? Some “experts” feel your body should have time to heal between exercise activities. Thoughts?

Queen P.
We should exercise everyday if you are very exausted then u can take a break but u should do it most of the time thank you. Shivi

Haz Z.
Every day is better for me in order to create a habit and keep to a specific routine but one can choose to take the sabbath day off cause it wont make that much difference so long as you go back to the routine the next day

Kathryn F.
Yes, I completely agree. When I exercise and wake up the next day I feel sore and ache, this would be the perfect time to relax and recoup then do it again. I like to actually get some walking or tiny activies to keep my body moving on my rest days so I don't feel like I'm losing out on exercising but it is totally okay to relax and rest between activities. You don't wanna injure yourself

Robyn Q.
I feel it is beneficial to exercise every day because it helps you to be moderated and it is good to take breaks between exercise

Justadd Z.
I personally just walk or run in the week days but for the weekends I actually workout so it doesn’t fell like I’m doing too much.

Victoria Y.
Depends on how intense the exercise is. Taking a break between intense workouts is beneficial. But I still do some movement everyday like walking or yoga.

Sayra X.
I do agree that ypur body could need time to heal between excercise routines but through my journey I digress that depending upon which type of excercise (yoga,walking, biking etc) makes the call on how vigourous your routines coupled with your level of experience are. This could warrant a person to decide a break period that works for them. For big on yoga and been practicing relaxing and upbeat routines for about 3 yrs now. I find that if I do not overdue my routines. I can find a consistent pattern of everyday yoga. This is important to me becuz my body gets tight without everyday stretches with an consistent intention. Maybe as i progress i could do 3 times a week but with the times..i say. Find the routine that works for u and ur body benefits and Be Consistent!💜

Rosal A N.
I find it better to take periodic breaks. It helps me stay motivated to keep a workout routine as it makes it not feel like work or a chore and it definitely helps my joints and muscles recover when I take periodic breaks.

Florence B.
I change up my exercise routines according to how my body is feeling that day. I alternate between HIIT and yoga. So it gives my body time to heal.

Munteanu Z.
I keep a record and exercise on regular basis each few days.When I had problems with sleeping I might skip sport to not add extra stres. Also when I feel extra energiei I might do an extra rutine.