How do I find time during the day to exercise when I’m really busy with work?

Noah P.
You dont have to go to the gym, it is enough to work out during activities you already do everyday, for expample you can do few squats when you are brushing your teeth or dance while you prepare food.

Lily B.
For a school project I had to be able to do a split, but I was in a pretty bad shape at that time. I also had only 3 weeks to make myself do a split and absolutely no time for that. What I did was funny and useful at the same time – I would stretch in the middle of the class while I’m in school. Sitting there, behind my desk, listening to the teacher, while pulling my leg out and randomly, acting not suspicious, starting to stretch. You could do something like that. When you need to just think about something, come up with an idea, a solution – try thinking about it, while working out a little bit. Don’t forget, that it doesn’t have to be a 2hour workout – 10 minutes a day is already enough to get yourself in a good shape. Also, don’t forget about Just Dance – maybe you can be too tired or bored to do workouts, but dancing is quiet fun and also useful.

Julia O.
I make time to get up early enough in the morning to get my movement in. I dread the 5:30 alarm (and honestly sometimes I do snooze) but once I get up and get moving, my body thanks me.

Luca O.
Personally, I enjoy following a workout or yoga session on an app or youtube. Seeing the set amount of time decreases the anxiety of getting back to work, and I can also choose a workout that fits best for my schedule, even if it’s only 10 minutes. Then I feel I can go back to work refreshed and energized.

Daryl E.
I will set up a routine or schedule according to what works for me. For example i will set a certain time for when i will start doing my work and i will do my exercises before the scheduled time arrives!

Talo P.
You need to rethink your routines. For me I exercise every morning as a startup for my day. It just fits into my morning recurrent schedule.

Emma J.
Wake up 10 minutes earlier to do a 8 min workout. Just doing squats, lunges, donkey kicks, etc 15 – 20 reps. Feels good once done and worth it 👌

Saratu W.
It's true when we have a busy schedule it's difficult to find time to exercise. What I have often do is to look out for small windows that will allow me leave my desk or work station like during bathroom break, lunch break, Meeting up with a colleague to discuss official stuff, picking up document from the printer room. Those are all opportunities to stretch, take a walk and do as much movement and that counts for an excercise

Gilbert Q.
I dance while I work or while I'm doing chores, then I have no excuses. I can also bribe myself with enticing rewards like chocolate or something along those lines.

Max P.
Make exercising a routine and a must, like brushing my teeth, so it's not something I make time for. It is something I just do.