When do you exercise generally?

Emma Russell
In the evening when I get back from work. But since starting Fabulous I tend to do a stretch routine, yoga or the 7-minute workout in the morning too. When the weather gets better I’ll do a short 8 minute run in the morning.

Carmim Ramos
On weekends and rarely in mornings. Sometimes after work on weekdays.

Kaitlin Barnett
I exercise after I have drank my water ate breakfast have my coffee then I walk for 25-30 minutes

Simon Thomsen
I exercise in the morning before breakfast or in the evening just after work, around 6pm. In this case I make sure to eat something like nuts and fruits between 4 and 5pm.

Julian Leclerc
I typically go to the gym or run for 30 minutes right when I wake up. Between 5and 6:30am. I feel it jump starts my day for productivity. I feel more energized

Reinhard Recktenwald
I normally exercise properly around 11 in the morning, once I’ve done all of my other habits. I do a light warm up and then a whole body stretching routine within a few minutes of getting out of bed (around 9:30), and then go to the gym about 11 and do either a HIIT session or about half an hour of cardio.

Cathy Sanchez
In the mornings before my kids wake up. This way o can do it without distractions

Julie Thiem
I exercise first thing in the morning, before the children or my partner are awake. It's the only time I can guarantee that I won't be distracted, and it sets me up for the day.

At first I found it hard to get up earlier, especially if the baby had had a bad night, but actually, the half hour of exercise gives me ten times the energy that an extra half hour in bed would have.

Billy Young
I actually exercise all day in small increments. I have small children that keep me super busy so I basically try to squeeze in what I can when I can. I do try to get up by 5 am. Drink water take meds and vitamins and do some morning yoga to allow my body to wake up. While the kids eat lunch I do my most strenuous exercises. Cardio, strength training and squats with sidekicks

Then in between naps and playtime and cleaning and doing laundry I will do extras. When I walk past my couch I try to stop and do 20 or so triceps dips or 10 pushups and as I am folding laundry ill get my calf raises in.

Floyd Ruiz
Usually I exercise in the evening, when I get home from work. I find it hard to get up early enough to do it in the morning, and when I do manage it I find myself stiff and less full of energy to get me through. It can be hard to motivate myself in the evening but I find a day of movement to limber me up and a day’s worth of food sets me up better for a good experience.

Vernon Carr
After do my work and rituals at night. Generally around 18h30m. 6:30 pm.

Lea Møller
Usually an hour after breakfast, because I have to get dressed or go into town or fix the rower. I want to shorten that time though for a more compact morning routine

Andrea Medina
In the afternoon, usually around 2pm. That's when m6 classes are done. After exercising I can focus better on my studies!

Tony Walker
Generally in the evening. Would preferably exercise first thing in the morning to set myself up for the day. Habit I need to work on.

Mary Gardner
I exercise between 5 and 8 becouse I am finished with myhomework and also work and after exercise doing my hobbies or reading somtimes and i think it helps me to sleep but I am not sure about that maybe make it worse …

Bryan Butler
I exercise between study sessions. Whenever i feel less productive ,exercise helps freshen me up

Beth Parker
In the morning right after my yoga session. It includes rebounding regularly and then I add some other things.

Frieder Bernard
In the morning, 7 : 30 am daily, usually it's complex of movements, jump rope, resistence training, running, walking.

Eva Perez
Usually first thing in the morning right after I drink my water this way I don’t forget or put it off

Lila Moulin
Early morning is the best time for exercise with earliest being 6:00 or 7:00 am and late being atmost 8:00 am or 9:00am.

But make sure it is the first thing you do after brushing your teeth and drinking a glass of water because the moment you start your daily life routine it becomes really hard to exercise in between and you can actually feel yourself crawling to complete that work out routine

To conclude the answer, first thingy early in the morning with earliest time being 6:00 or 7:00 am before breakfast and shower

Alma Rasmussen
I am more likely to exercise regularly when I feel hopeful that I get do what I need to to be successful. When I feel overwhelmed I am likely to give up and not try.

Noélie Bertrand
I generally exercise in the afternoon. It's summer here so I usually go for an afternoon or evening swim. In cooler seasons I usually take walks at the same time, just because I don't usually get up super early for morning exercise

Ella Ray
I workout in the mornings before the business of the day begins and I’m too exhausted to do anything

Mattie Pearson
I usually excersize in the morning, before anything tiring or stressful happens.

Edna Welch
I like to go in the evening. I have more time to think about it and convince myself to go. Whereas I'm likely to make excuses early in the morning

Katrine Jensen
Normaly, right after breakfast, i do an activation to energize myself. Longer, more intense exercise in the afternoon

Eleanor Chavez
Before going to bed, when I have some extra time left before going to sleep

Lissi Feller
I don’t set a specific time to exercise, I just plan on exercising on a specific day then at whatever point throughout the day suits best, I exercise. I feel like setting a time can have a negative effect – if I miss/ can’t exercise at the set time, I won’t set a new time and won’t end up exercising.

Chad Banks
Usually in the morning. It helps me keeping it as a priority and making sure that I will do it without having the excuse of being to tired for it later

Herminia Harper
When I've finished my other morning routine habits, excercise is the one left, so it's 8 minutes, so I can do it

Catherine Wright
I usually exercise in the afternoon. In the morning I am working, and most importantly my training is in the afternoon. But currently, I am also working out daily in the morning. It's a new habit.

Lorraine Dean
I mix it up everyday, some yoga, some core workout, some breathing. You need a mix to keep the body and mind guessing and strong.

Louella Richardson
First thing in the morning then no matter what happens that day – I have already exercised.

Radmila Carl
Usually around 7pm, after I've gotten home from work and had a chance to play with my pets

Canto Porto
I have lunch around 1pm, take a fruit snack around 4pm and exercise around 6pm before going for dinner 😉

Storm Pedersen
The best way to kick start your day in the morning is to do exercise, that's why I start my day with some morning exercises. Sometimes I do intense exercise, sometimes I generally do stretching, and play football for around two hours.

Frederikke Sørensen
Right after the main part of my day is done. That could be spending the day out and about or coming back from school.

Katrina Alvarez
Monday thru Friday first thing in the morning – 5am. Saturday and Sunday – about an hour after I wake up – 8 or 9am

Annemarie Kortmann
With Fabulous, I’ve been grabbing a glass of water and then dancing for 5-10 minutes to Bollywood videos on YouTube. It’s a lot of fun!

Cildo Da cruz
I exercise in the morning, before going to work! I wake up, have some water and then straight down to the studio…it’s so energising and I have a lot of strength and energy compared to the evening!

Megan Sutton
Closer to lunch time. When I wake up I drink water and plan my day. Once I’m dressed I can dedicate 10-15 mins to exercise. I take dog on a walk or for 7 minute workout.

Vicki Peterson
When i can get it in. Sometimes as soon as i get home from work, but my preference is before work. It's just hard to get up at 330 to make it happen.

Craig Weaver
I generally workout after 9:00 sometime. That's usually when my gym is empty.

Priscilla Williams
Immediately after brushing my teeth in the morning, before breakfast.

Luca Dupont
I work from home. I save the first of the day for important work. Once I need a break or have completed the first few hours of work, I exercise, then shower. If necessary, I use a stationary bike desk to pedal while I read it work on my laptop.
I find that if I don't get my exercise in before lunch, I may not get it in.

Carter Schmidt
Typically, I rarely full-on 'work out.' I walk for about an hour each day in the afternoon to get home. I do yoga/stretches before I go to bed, and sometimes during the day I'll lift weights/do squats/etc if I feel like it but it's not consistent

Micha Kress
First thing in the morning, otherwise the day gets busy and it’s harder to find time. It’s also a great energizer in the morning

Tim Mercier
Usually 6 am course it’s my favorite time for me for myself also 2 am but if I couldn’t for any reason, I make my exercise at 10 am.. I like quite times with just sounds of nature 💕

Ruben Medina
I generally tend to exercise more when I am suffering with stiffness in my joints especially when my neck and upper back are seized up. The great thing about the fabulous app is that by encouraging daily exercise, it will reduce the severity of stiffness so it works to keep me more mobile and less likely to get seized up as much

Gauthier Sanchez
Meanwhile I can't really, but normally I would do one small exercise every morning and a full routine every Monday and Wednesday

Guilhermino Pinto
The part of the day after breakfast is the best time for me to exercise. It is when I feel most energized

Mads Christensen
It usually depends on the day and how busy I am. If I wake up extremely early I’ll hit the gym at 7am, if not I’ll go at around 7pm and stay till 9 before going to the sauna to finish off

Amaury Morin
In the mornings, to wake me up and help me feel energized.

Axel Moulin
Usually early mornings, as this helps me to feel more energised and awake throughout the day

Indra Martins
I generally try to work in exercise whenever I can. It's usually walking but often chasing the kids around for a dozen minutes is the big workout of the day.

Louane Gonzalez
I do exercise in the morning. I usually wake up at 6am and be at the Gym aroud 15 to 7am. I do this from Monday to Friday, pausing on Wednesdays.
How about you?

Marcus Andersen
I get up and move at every opportunity. I take the stairs. I park at a distance and I move quickly. I get my exercise throughout the day.

Joshua Bailey
I try to get at least a short walk in during my morning routine. Shoveling snow, walking around the block, watering the garden, or even just running in place in my apartment for a few minutes. When I’m most committed, I will also add some more exercise in the evening. A hike before supper, some yoga, etc.

Craig Baker
Because I have back pain, I have started a stretching/strengthening routine in the morning for 10min and just stretching in the evening for 15min. That seems to work for me giving me enough exercise even to the point I feel my body is starting to firm up (best part is the bottom getting tighter 🙂 I found that exercising in the morning before breakfast feels more productive. Another useful tip – Also because now I have dinner at 7.30pm (never later) I noticed I have naturally started to slim down as it gives plenty of time for the food to digest before bed time.

Andrea Sørensen
Early in the morning sometimes twice a day stretches using small weights.

Hansjürgen Schiffmann
I love to workout in the morning..some weeks when I am feeling motivated I take up to 12 classes in six days! Fight/Power/Spin/Zumba

Marius Johansen
I don't usually go out of my way to exercise. I do however bike as my main form of transportation which is how I get my exercise.

Lyam Robert
I generally exercise in short bursts throughout the day.
In the morning, before getting dressed, I do a 10 minutes strength training and stretching. It's comprised of mountain pose, Warrior pose, push ups, and arm exercises with light weight dumbbells that I keep by my bed. No gym and very limited equipment needed.

At lunch, I do squats and walk. This is about 15 minutes away work.

In the evenings, even it's not too cold, I walk again outside with family and dog. This is 30 to 60 minutes at the park.

On the weekend, when it's cold, we do family dog walks at the mall. This is about an hour or so. Also this is a morning thing.

Ferdinando Da cruz
In the morning before breakfast and after my prayer, I usually do some jog or bodyweight exercise.

Jane Richardson
I exercise in the mornings for about an hour each day because my goal is to lose weight and doing it in the morning keeps me energized for the day

Karla Pedersen
I try to do it in the morning but will try some workouts directly after work, see how it goes.

Carlos Young
I choose to workout in the mornings. I am such a morning person generally. I am up early and most times my kids are still sleeping or just coming to on the couch for a short cartoon session. Which creates a great time to get a good workout in without much distraction.

Elmides Rocha
I exercise in between 6-9 pm. I like to enjoy exercise in the evening because there is no problem of waking up early amd start exercising. I like to work in the morning and exercise in the evening when my whole work is done. It gives me a sense of satisfaction.

Mikkel Nielsen
Varies. I do yoga at a yoga studio and there are morning and evening classes. If I don't wake up in time for the morning class, I go to the evenings. I also dance each morning as I get ready to get in at least 8 minutes of movement.

Isaac Renaud
I always exercise first thing in the morning. If I'm running late and skip the morning exercise, but promise myself I'll do it when I get home from work, I almost always forget or am too tired/lazy. In my opinion, it's best to do it early, before life gets in the way.

Louisa Marie
I try to exercise in the mornings but adding that to my routine sets me off course for a couple days each time I try. So the weekends works best and sets me up for a relaxing and restful weekend.

Angel Shelton
I like to Exercise in the morning, before my family wakes up. I create this new believe, that the first hour of the day belongs to me and no else. In my first hour of the day, is about self-care. Dancing helps me to lift my spirit up.

Nicoline Kristensen
Early in the morning, before the kids are downstairs and before I'm awake enough to let myself change my mind and not get the exercise done

Jackie Hunt
I try to set my alarm to wake up earlier so I can get to the gym or have a run before work. I find it ‘sets me up’ for the day!

Honorato Da conceição
I try my best to exercise daily and when I'm not feeling it, I do something simple but effective… I drink water! It gives me a boost and in less than 10 minutes I'm up and about running and doing bench presses

Dwayne White
I like to exercise in the morning to be able to get it out of the way. that way I won't procrastinate and find another reason not to do it.

Micheal Bell
Usually in the afternoon when my daughter gets home so we go together.

Marion Gonzales
Before bed or in the morning just after I wake up. Yogas nice in the morning and at night but I like doing a proper workout aswell before bed.

Kristen Diaz
Normally, I exercise every weekday. Sometimes I have to skip one or two days, but it is only on rare occasions

Astrid Kristensen
I usually do a few upright pushups first thing each morning, & take the dog 🐶 for a walk after work. But I’m on a day off today, so push ups were later, & dog 🐶 walk was earlier.

Malou Jensen
I generally exercise during the time-frames that fit in naturally with my work schedule. Right now I am exercising early in the morning because I am already up to drop my husband off, then can go to my gym before I teach. If my class is early then I go during a break or after work if I don't have a break. I schedule my workout days to align with my work days. With my husband moving to evening shift I'm worried about my motivation to leave the house early. I remember to tag it onto my schedule that will help.

Ademar Aragão
I am trying to excercise every morning but paradoxically it is more difficult to keep the ritual during my free days. As I sleep longer and I keep telling myself that I should work out more and for longer since I have much more time for this. So I am ending up postponing the excercise till the evening and only then do it when I do it. But I need to get rid of my sense of guilt that I am not foing good enough job.

Louna Clement
I now exercise in the mornings as soon as I get up even if it's just for 1 minute.

Peggy Ross
I like exercising very early in the morning usually between 6am and 8am. This works best for me because I avoid the afternoon, evening rush at the gym or even at home. Morning hours are so peaceful. Try it!

Byron Ellis
First thing in the morning, if I can. Most important is to try to get it done when the kids are not around.

Maélie Meyer
I exercise sporadically around how my sleep schedule has been and my homework load. I prefer daily cycling, or every other day. Once I skip 2 days in a row, it’s hard to start again. But I do it anyways, which averages out to once a week during my busiest times . I think that’s all fine

Tyler Carpenter
Frisbee practise on Monday (6-7:30pm & 9-11pm)
and Wednesday (6-7:30)
and swimming or running Friday afternoon

Livio Fabre
I have a monthly yoga membership and, the more classes I take, the more money I save. So, I take classes when they fit into my schedule, which is usually weekday afternoons and evenings, as well as weekends.

Evi Franke
Usually in the late morning. However, I will exercise as late as 10 pm if I forget to at an earlier time. I try to exercise Monday through Friday.

Zulma Da costa
I wake up around 3:30am. Cup of coffee. Gym 4:15. 15 min recumbent bike. Lift M-W-F. Cardio T-Th-Sat. Yoga T- Th 8am, Barre W-F 9am or Tai Chi T-Th 11 am. That's the plan.

Randall Harper
I like to run or go to classes in the evening after work. If I try to make myself exercise in the morning it never works, as that requires me to get up earlier(and morning me won't). If it's on my calendar for the evening, I'm awake and prepared when it's time to go.