What do you do if you miss a day of exercise?

Silvia Z.
If I don’t have time to work out in the morning, I just walk to the bus stop and back on my way to college and while coming back. It’s about 15 minutes of brisk walk and it’s not that bad because my exercise regimen isn’t that intense anyway!
Dariusz F.
I’ll try my best to don’t miss that but if i miss I’ll walk for an hour in every where i can or i do my yoga workout.
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Tara X.
I sit and write it up in my diary and next day I do double the time of regular exercise or else go for a walk after my dinner
Austin P.
I try not to stress it, or else I’ll feel like I let myself down and that’s not much of a motivator. I do have the added benefit of biking to and from work so I feel like the morning exercise is like a bonus workout
Emma F.
Just be sure to complete the workout next day. It happens, sometimes we simply don't have enough time or energy, there is no need to make the next exercisise harder or easier, just keep going :).
Christoffer B.
Hey there ! So personally I am currently on a 30 day ab workout challenge so I'm trying my best to not miss any day without working out, I keep a calendar in check for everyday and I mark the days I worked out , but for someone who isnt short in time like me , it's ok to miss a day or 2 take a break , and dont force yourself too much , so if you miss a day of workout just start again the next one ! it's that simple, just dont quit and dont make excuses, I took 5 days break a while ago because I was on a holiday and I had to enjoy the best of all the different foods , live your life , and remember you are working out to be happy in your body , but if having a peace of chocolate will make you happy too, have it ! just follow your heart and dont limit your choices to can always start fresh you make your own rules 🙂
Marcus W.
Skip and don’t feel bad about it. Doubling up can just deter you from getting back to it. Just make sure that you get back on the train tomorrow!
Villads Z.
First, and foremost….I do not beat myself up. I accept that there are days that I may not be able, nor want to exercise. However…what I do, after that, makes it ok.
I will make it a point to integrate extra steps into my day. I am lucky to live and work on a walkable college campus. I am able to add steps to my normal regimen to make up the burn!
Melvin Y.
Try and do it that evening. If not, start again the next day. I still beat myself up and that is not helpful. Now I’m trying to look at why I missed exercising and try and understand why so that I can set myself up for success the next time. I also try and think of what I would say to a friend and say that to myself, rather than beat myself up.
Inken X.
Forgive yourself and pick up the next day. Don’t try to do twice the exercise the next day. Imagine the advice you would give to a friend. Be kind to yourself. Also, remember that sometimes you need a rest day. And if all else fails go for a brisk 10 minutes walk, and get some air – it will help you sleep if nothing else! You’ve got this!! 💪🏻🎉
Tania S.
It try not to beat myself up about it first of all. Then I try to not miss two days of exercise. Seems to be working pretty well for now.
D Ria P.
I forgive myself and look for the reason that I didn’t workout and try to fix the problem. I note the way I feel in the morning not working out compared to how I feel when I do, that helps motivate me to stay on track. I always feel better and am more productive throughout the day when I workout in the morning. When I don’t I feel sluggish and don’t want to do anything.
Mylan E.
I start over the next day and make a point of scheduling it into my day. Think of it as beginning a new streak instead of breaking an old one. Analyze why you missed your workout and figure out what you need to do to keep from missing it again.
Eduard F.
I don't stress about it. Don't let it bother you too much, because that's when people tend to do stupid things (like starving themselves).
Franklin P.
Sometimes I don’t really do the excersize. But i always know I am excersize because I don’t walk and Dance Michael Jackson
Nick Z.
If I miss a day of exercise, I start again the next day and forgive myself and promise to stick with the routine going forward. Every day can be a new beginning and a new chance to achieve my goals.
Samuel S.
i like to prevent this from happening, by starting each morninf with two hundred crunches. but if you miss an exercise, I'd recommend breathing exercises!!!! also try to drink a lot of water, it helps your metabolism.