How do you waste less time?

Audrey J.
I have a lot of work in last time and all my days I’m spending there. And if I have a free time at home I’m just laying in bed and do nothing for recovery.
Norma G.
I m making myself engaged in studying so that I could not procasrinate and if our dream is big the effort that to be taken should be more efficient and effective so that we have to sacrifice something equal to it
Lilly U.
Ignore the big distractions: TV and social media. TV, Netflix, Disney and Amazon Prime shows are basically fatty foods for the brain: they dull the mind and waste your time, making you both docile and dumb. Only post on social media, and reply to comments on your post – never look at anyone’s feed and don’t follow people. Don’t bother looking at most other people lives because most are wasting them talking about themselves… No useful info comes from the mouths of mundane people… the people who are really living life aren’t boasting it all the time.
Leon Y.
I waste less time by mapping out what I’m gonna do and when. I try to stay on top of all of my things so that there is nothing that goes to waste.