How do you get yourself to do your daily routine when your partner stays over for the night? It feels so weird doing meditiation/yoga in the same room then..

Lance Y.
My partner is far away from me and I m New on the platform, but I think I will talk to him before about that habitude I want to have because communication is the key of every single problem most of the time and then he will know and not be surprised. And if he doesn't like this habitude or find it a little weird, I will discuss with him or just let this day as an off-day with my partner or just go in another room, alone, just the time I need, to do my routines (without forgetting to tell him for him to have zero surprises)
Ella N.
Just do it anyway. If you end up staying together you will have to do it eventually. To make it more comfortable you can try making a more private area with a dressing screen or curtains or something along those lines to make it feel like you have more privacy.
Ces Rio F.
in my opinion a partner should support you in everything that brings you joy and pushes you to be/feel better. if they get annoyed or acts weird when you do something good for yourself like this, they're not the right one.
If it just feels weird because they're not being active right now too, invite them to participate! it can be fun and good for them too!
Yasaman N.
Yeah you are right , it seems wired but I will tell my friend that my life style is this and I need to do that for myself , I wear headphone and do meditation and yoga so I won’t break the silence of room and won’t bother my friend .