I sometimes feel a little uncomfortable exercising outdoors. I prefer to exercise inside the house. Do you have some recommendations for that?

Venceslau A.
I recommend to maybe ask your self why you feel uncomfortable?I am sure it will help! Also I use to be like that but what I did for example is that I started to walk in my neighborhood just for like 10 minutes and called a friend while walking it made me gain a lot of confidence! Another thing you can do ( if possible) you can get a friend or a family member to walk to with you or workout with you even if its 1 once a week
Hope this helps
And don’t be uncomfortable you are amazing and perfect the way you are !!!
Amaury C.
Hi there! Clear a small area to do simple workouts. I use exercise bands since they don’t take up much space. And get an exercise mat so if you are exercising on the floor it won’t be uncomfortable and turn you away from it. You can do it! One step at a time. 🙂
Lisete Q.
I actually exercise every time indoors. It's really rare for me to do it outside. You can do a work out session in your room using pretty normal everyday furniture like a bed or a chair. I also recommend buying some accessories such as a stretchy tape or maybe some dumb-bells which are designed especially for work out and also easy to store in the house.