What is your favorite total body workout?

Jim S.
My favourite total body workout is drawing and colouring as I use my hands my brain and sometimes my leg. Hope my answer will help you! 😄
Damian N.
I usually love doing Russian twists, with leg raises each for sets also do different sets of chest workouts with v-ups .:)
Willie E.
For full body workouts it’s important to do a bunch of compound movements that work a lot of muscles. First I like to start off with some pushups. Getting in a few good sets of pushups really gets me excited for the rest of the workout. Then you can move onto some pull-ups. If doing pull-ups is too challenging, then that’s alright, you can work up to it. There are moves such as the trx row that mimic pull up movements while lowering the difficulty. Deadlifts and squats are great for lower body, but if you don’t have access to equipment then you can do other movements such as body weight squats or jump squats. Then you can end it off with some core work, doing planks, curl ups, leg raises, and other an exercises to make sure you’re hitting the entire core including parts such as the obliques and lower back. The most important thing is to do your research and make sure you have proper form, because the last thing you want is an injury.