Do you normally exercise before or after breakfast?

Lynn P.
Before! I like to move my body once I wake up. I don’t love the feeling of a full stomach when I’m moving and pushing my body.
Alaina E.
I exercise before breakfast. I need to do it first thing otherwise the day gets away from me and I’m looking to squeeze it in.
Dana F.
It depends. If I work out first thing in the morning, I usually just have a glass of water and a cup of coffee with some almond milk and go straight into my workout. However, some days I’m just a little slow, or I wake up early, or I’m hungry as soon as I get up. Those mornings, I typically do a light breakfast (like a small serving of plain yogurt with some fruit), wait for it to settle for an hour or so, and then workout.
Neil J.
I normally eat something small before working out in the morning. Sometimes it’s a banana or a granola bar! Then after my workout is when I make something bigger.
Lucas O.
I work out before breakfast because than your more hungry before you eat and if you eat before your more hungry during the day than you normally would be
Thiago Z.
Before breakfast to get some energy. But make sure you make a gap of some minutes between the breakfast and the exercise.
Tristan A.
I normally exercise before breakfast however I drink warm water at the beginning of the day then I workout and then eat breakfast.
Jaqueline P.
I usually do my exercises before the breakfast because I prefer to start my day with some energy and good feelings. But If I can't do my exercises before the breakfast, I take my breakfast, wait a few minutes and then I do my exercises.