Do you exercise the same way, the same routine, every day or do you switch things up?

Cathy T.
Definitely switch things up or it will start to feel like a chore. Remember to take active rest days which are much better for your body, and don't guilt yourself for it.
You should also try and find ways to enjoy the routine e.g watching youtube videos during it, otherwise you might just end up waiting for the day you don't have to do it anymore rather than having it settle as a habit. I hope that made sense!
Erin O.
I do switch things up as it gets a little boring. Like maybe skipping exercise and go for a run/walk or dance. Most of the times I would open up youtube dance with me class and copy their steps…its fun and also 😫 tiring
Beth Z.
If it's going about my morning stretches I switch things up, but before bed I keep things the same. And every single day I exercise something else so I switch things up but that's probably cause I am training with Pamela Reif's workout plans and most of the time she has different workouts every week