I deal with chronic pain. It’s very hard to keep myself motivated on the really bad days. Does anyone else deal with chronic pain? What are some tools you use to stay on track?

Natalia C.
My pain is chronic but periodic. What I do in those periods: 1. allow myself to be not a hero: skip rituals and don’t blame myself because I know that I’m not a robot; 2. If I keep doing the rituals then try not to think too much: do it or not, skip it or not – just make a very simple step like “ok, I won’t use floss, just clean my teeth. Apparently after that I decided to use floss. Or like “I‘l’ll skip the whole workout but do only stretching, or only simplest two exercises”. And again, sometimes I find myself in keep doing the whole set of exercises. And again: don’t blame myself if I can’t do something or just decide to skip it for today, or for several days. Everything changing.
Sam U.
I have friend with chronic back pain that swears by medical marijuana being the only that helps, it’s the cbd compound that targets the pain without the high, and you can now buy it in capsules to take as medicine 🙂
Lucy S.
Mine is anxiety and depression. I guess I am trying to use this app as motivation. Small doable steps – if I don't overload it