How can I stay energized enough to do a heavy workout?

Mario O.
Go to bed early, drink water as quick as possible , eat healthy breakfast, have a cold shower ,do light exercise at least 8 min
Laila T.
I’m not a fitness expert, but I’d recommend getting enough sleep the night before (if possible), and eating a nutritious meal and drinking water maybe a few hours before exercising. Protein is important for building muscles, and we need carbs for energy. I wouldn’t exercise right after eating or drink too much water while exercising or it might make you feel sick.
Zachary T.
Just stay positive and keep in mind why you are doing it. Think about the results and how your life will change after doing it.
Mareen B.
It's simple, make sure you ENJOYED what you're doing. Find some workouts based of what is more important and matter for you. If you need some help, there are lots of recommendation in the internet that can help you, or you can consulate with your colleagues
Yeter N.
You can stay focused by keeping your goals in mind, encourage yourself, write in a notebook what goes through your mind, and remind yourself of your goals, I hope you have been helpful.
Kathryn O.
Listen to music or take 2 minutes break between each thing you do on your workout! It really helps me when I do those things
Fantastic G.
First do a warmup, it’ll energize you. Then, you’ll feel more motivated to do a heavy workout, take breaks during the workout if you need. Remember to start small.
Ky U.
Your mind is a very powerful thing! You have to be driven to finish your workout to completion, especially if you set the goal for yourself. The satisfaction of getting through any difficult workout will make you feel on top of the world! Though I will say that setting too high of a goal and approaching with uncertainty can possibly impede any progression of completing that goal. So make sure you know yourself and your current limits. Allow yourself to con
Jan R.
Try eating a good breakfast. That helps give you energy during a good morning work out. Stay motivated with your goals in mind and push through.