I love to go running in the morning in the spring and summer, but in the winter where I live it’s really cold so running outside isn’t as much of an option. How can I make running on a treadmill a fun activity I look forward to rather than avoid?

S Nia Z.
I believe if you hydrate with a drink which is palatable and healthy such as powerade, in the flavor you like then I think it can help.
Fabiele P.
Give yourself challenges, try to beat your previous score. Get a audiobook you love and only listen to it when you are doing your winter morning run. Or do the same with music if you prefer.
Becky P.
My sister-in-law painted the walls bright orange and yellow. She also positioned the treadmill so she looked out the window.
T O E.
I’ve more experience running on a treadmill than running outside. If you’ve already been running it’d be easy for you to get right back into your running shoes and run on a treadmill. It may be difficult if you take a break. So I’d suggest you to not take a break from running for more than 3 days continuously. Further, when you’re about to run, listen to some high energy music, I love listening to progressive techno or psychedelic music. The beats let you run like your on a free flow. As you begin, think about how good you’re going to feel after the run, how this run would bring you closer to your goals. You can mix things up on a treadmill. You can choose the kind of program you like. Most machines come with 7-9 programs. Low intensity run ing, HIIT, jog etc. Choose your program for the day based on your mood. If you have more energy, go with HIIT that day, else go for a light jog, as long as you finish the task. Hope this helps.
Raymund C.
Listen to podcasts you enjoy or watch videos/TV shows while running. Make sure you only get to hear/see them on the threadmill for extra motivation
Julie E.
MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC!!! a good playlist is everything (for me anyway) or even setting up an ipad/phone to watch your favorite show…helps a TON. 🤗
Tomothy T.
Download a video of a nature in spring/summer or a movie. Play it when you are on treadmill. You can also find a different activity that you would enjoy to do, such as swimming or yoga.
Wayne N.
I have the same problem. I love running outside and on trails, but hate treadmills at the gym. So this is a good question for me to ask myself too. I’m thinking maybe make yourself a motivating playlist of songs to listen to that get you pumped, or maybe try interval training to change it up so you don’t get bored. Switch it up between the bikes and elyptical and rowing machine too maybe? I know some people can read while doing some of those although I can’t lol. Or maybe listen to a podcast, or watch a show you like on your phone. Hope some of those ideas help!
Klaus C.
Start listening to a podcast or audio book that you’re really into, but only let yourself listen to it when you’re running? I’m not a runner, but that’s how I learned to love my long commute!
Something I’ve found extremely helpful in maintaining my morning exercise routine (and a heap of other parts of my life!) is approaching exercise and food as an act of love and care for my mind and body, rather than a punishment or chore that I have to do. Your run gives your body (and mind) a better chance to carry you through your day with energy and comfort, it’s such a lovely thing to do for yourself. Make your run your way of saying thank you and ‘I’ve got you’ to your body, and you might find that the way you feel about it each morning, even when you can’t get outside, changes.
Using the Fabulous ‘morning exercise’ challenge as a reset might also help you here – it recently helped me refocus on exercising every day for seven days, getting me back in the swing of things after an illness. If you already have exercise as a part of a different routine, you can just delete the new routine that pops up when you start the challenge – your current routine will work with the challenge too.
Hope there’s something there that helps! The transition to colder weather is always so hard when being outdoors is a big part of your exercise enjoyment
Urte U.
Try finding a TV-show that you really like, that you can only watch while running on the treadmill! 😍 And btw I live in Norway and it gets really cold here in the winter, but if you really love running, it’s actually not bad at all if you just put on some nice wool (and maybe get custom shoes for sloppy underlay). I suggest trying it one time, I promise you will get warm after a while of running 😉
Frida W.
I love to listen to some motivational quotes to upbeat music, it makes me feel pretty awesome and charge on the treadmill.

You can do it!

Prisca F.
Maybe try a different cardio work out than running in the winter, like dancing, or the stationary bike. Listening to music makes anything more fun to me as well.
Ma Va Y.
Actually, I continue running even when it’s much snow in winter. In the park paths are always clean, so it’s quite comfortable to run there.
Lola O.
Maybe download an app where you complete missions while you run to make it more fun or listen to a podcast about something your interested in, that always helps me x
Sohan W.
I’m not a runner, but I’ve spent many an hour on the treadmill, and the way I distracted myself from the boredom was to use the time to listen to motivating music and do a visualization exercise, visualizing first accomplishing my goals, then an almost meditative visualization of a place I really love, for example there is a town on the sea in France and I love being there, so I go there in my mind and try to imagine the sounds, smells, and sights of that place. All this while putting in the time on the treadmill.
You might consider trying that. It is a pleasant and mentally relaxing way to get through the drudgery of the treadmill. Good luck, and keep moving!
Adrien Z.
So in the winter 🥶 if you can’t go outside to run 🏃‍♀️ you can always do indoors activity. Find yourself a good cardio DVD give a try few times and you gonna love it
Leopoldine O.
When I used to run on a treadmill in the winter, I listened to music and imagined I’m running outside. The fact that the treadmill was placed in front of a window made the imagining easier and watching people walking outside kept me so busy that I sometimes even forgot I’m actually running.
Francisco Y.
I don’t know if there are Tv’s available to you or not but that could be a solution. Also, try co-ordinating your breath into rhythms. It works like this: You breathe either out or in on every 1. Then you count up until 3 steps, and breathe out on the next 1 – then you count up until 2 or 4. Alternate between even and odd numbers to balance your breathing on your left and right foot. Now I’m going to show you an example, each number is a foot step. So it goes like this 1 (breathe in) 2, 3. 1 (breathe out) 2, 3, 4. Then start again on 1 (breathe in) 2, 3. 1 (breathe out) 2, 3, 4. If it seems a little complicated just focus on breathing in or out on 1, and then count up until 3 and 4, alternating between the two. Hope this helps! It gets really challenging if you push your breath into 5 seconds and more.
Glenda O.
I don’t really like running. Some days on the treadmill I don’t want to be there at all. I run because I love that I am able to. It makes me feel good. I never thought I would be someone that runs. The treadmill isn’t fun. I will blare intense music that sounds like being chased. Or I will listen to a guided running training on my headphones. I don’t like running but the fact that I got on that treadmill that day makes me feel like a million dollars. That’s what motivates me and makes it fun.
Gabriella E.
Maybe find some videos before you get on the treadmill and add them to a playlist. That way you can listen to the videos while you run. You could also do the same with music.
You could download some e-books or podcasts too. When I go on walks I usually do this and it's a great way to entertain yourself
Olivia N.
I listen to audiobooks or watch something light and funny. I’ve never tried this, but I bet you could even find wonderful videos of nature on YouTube that could remind you of the outside.
Chad T.
Good music is key! If you make yourself listen to the music you love while running, it becomes a moment between you and your fav music instead of being frustated about running 😉
Wanda O.
For the love of all that is holy, do NOT! You're never going to be able to fool yourself into thinking you like running on a treadmill. You can "cover the taste" with music, reward systems, or other external motivators, but you're far better off choosing an alternative. Dance around your home, or find a swimming pool, or learn an exercise routine that pushes your endurance like running, but can be practiced inside. Enjoy the process of finding new things that you like and using them to create a personalized workout that's effective and pleasant for you.
Gabriella Z.
Try listening to an audio book or watching a series you enjoy on telly at the same time, but only continue the book or series when you’re running 🏃‍♀️ on the treadmill. So it’s an incentive to get up do the same the next day, because you’ll want to listen/watch to get to the end. 🥰
Maria W.
I found cycling to be more exciting than running on a treadmill however that might not be the case for you, but when I used to run I would increase the speed to a point of difficulty that I could feel struggling and just feel like competing with my self to see how fast I could run for 30 or 20 min and make it like a competition also music high pace music.
Misael C.
Have an awesome playlist to listen to with your fave songs or your fave podcast. Have ur workout clothes on or laid out. And remember why u want to run.
Hilde I.
Have some good music to pump you up during the running sessions. Also see if you can install a mirror at the place you work out as it will definitely improve the performance during running and workout. Finally meet crossing the dates on a Calender to markcompletikn of running exercise. These should help you out with your problem.
Linda U.
Listen to podcasts! Find a few that you are really interested in and that’ll make the time fly. especially if you only listen to them on the treadmill. It’ll make you look forward to the time.