Which exercises do you do in the morning?

Wyatt O.
I do a once around the house with vacuum quickly…..and save some energy for a little dancing with myself later on that day or late that night.
Jackson W.
I go on a mile run and then a 30 minute youtube full body workout and then my stretching routine. My stretching routine goes like this:
rib cage
deep lunges on both sides
half splits
Have a wonderful time!
Willie O.
I like to dance in the morning. It helps me wake up mentally. I also like walking outside. The sunlight and fresh air are invigorating.
Mustafa E.
While still in bed pretend you're riding a bike as fast as you can to music. Then leg lifts. Then a few yoga stretches. It gets my blood moving.
Jo O.
I do some parts of the 7 minute workout. The ones that doesn't make any noise so I don't wake up my family. The ones I do are: jumping jacks, pushups, crunches, plank and tricep dips on a chair. But I started really small, with just 5 pushups and 5 crunches. I added some reps when I was ready and added some extra excercises when I was ready. I did this so it wasn't to big of a hurdle in the morning
Valerie U.
I used to vary them by trying to do jump rope, weights, walking, yoga, but it got to a point where I was exhausted and not enjoying it or looking forward to keep at it. So I decided to just get used to the habit by doing the 7 min work out or walking. Keep it simple
Shawn C.
I drink water, meditate, morning pages, be grateful, floss, brush my teeth, drink tea, make my bed, take my vitamins, strectch, exercise, dance party, and make a great breakfast šŸ™‚
Courtney F.
Are usually like to start with a light jog, or some jump rope. I also like to listen to music while doing so and about after five minutes in I am motivated to keep going even longer
Oscar E.
Yoga, it's a good way to kick start your morning. Helping you stretch out the sleep and wake your body up, it relieves tension and stress and sets a good mood for the day. It's also very light slow movements and not too intensive.
Victor Z.
3 planks with 30sec hold for each, 2 sets of crunches with 15 repetitions in each set, bird dog with 15 reps on each side, mountain climber movement in plank holding position 15 reps on each leg so total 30 reps, after that general body stretching
Tilman Y.
Usually I go for a walk around my neighborhood or if I feel like working out in the morning instead of any other time of the day, I go for 5 sets of 5 exercises done consecutively, I start with either Muscle Ups or pull ups, then I drop from the bar and immediately do push ups, then I go for squats , sit ups and dips