I don’t know what to do to celebrate my little victories. Doing a dance for drinking a glass of water doesn’t feel real to me. Do you have any suggestions?

G Nter T.
Take a moment to appreciate that it is part of the process, you're making an active attempt to better yourself. The path to a 1,000 miles start with one step. It's easy to want to look ahead and rush to the finish line of being better but we cannot do that, we have to appreciate the little steps we are taking to become a better version of ourselves.
Gertraude U.
Maybe try a cartwheel? I find something about complete body inversion (like handstand or headstand) – when I come out of it, there's a full body + mind refreshing sensation that feels like a personal gold star. On that note, you might also try going old-school in an updated way — get a wall calendar & a fun stamp. There's something satisfying about the click-clack of a stamp, and then visually seeing your accomplishment.
Julie U.
Try different celebrations until you find one that works for you. For small, everyday successes, I prefer to give myself praise and encouragement out loud: "Way to go!" or "You can do it!" or even "That wasn't so bad!" if I do something after putting it off.