What are some good exercises if you are expecting?

Alvin C.
There are some excellent yoga routines for pregnant women. You have to be careful to take it easy even with yoga, as I understand your natural flexibility increases when you are expecting.
Vivan O.
All exercises during pregnancy should be done in consultation with your gynae. Basic yoga stretches should work, light cardio and walks and short jogs worked during my pregnancies. Avoid weightlifting and exercise machines for your safety and that of the baby.
Kylie G.
Walking outside
Yoga with someone who knows how to work with women at all stages of pregnancy
Swimming especially closer to due date when the weight is more noticeable
Dancing joyfully
Emil F.
There’s a thing on Facebook called “Mommy Trainers: 15-Day Fit Mommy Challenge” that has modified exercises for pregnancy. It’s really awesome!
Edda Q.
Running, no equipment, you control the intensity. If your doctor doesnt give you any restrictions you can do it until your final week!
M Lina Z.
When expecting a baby keeping fit in any way that is apprpriate for the type of pregnancy is critical. Walking and yoga are gentle ways to keep up being healthy. Swimming also.
Hon Rio N.
There is a specific period which a woman expecting to conceive should avoid pressure on abdomen because the ovum need time to attach well to the wall of the womb. So you have to be active. the physician is best consultant fir this case. But moderate walking is surely safe.
Nina P.
Walking is a great exercise to do when you are expecting a baby because you can vary the intensity and distance and it’s low impact. Yoga is another excellent exercise.