Is there any fun way to work out? Exercise is kind of boring to me.

Burkhard Q.
I have the same problem- I don’t like the mindlessness of running or the grind of weightlifting. Something I’ve found is, of course, exercise while listening to music you enjoy, or find a different form of working out. Maybe start learning to dance or do karate. Maybe go for hikes in places you like. Maybe find someone to do it with you. Find ways to make it enjoyable, even through the boring bits.

Keep it up! You’re doing great! I hope you have the best day ever! Cheers mate!


Gea F.
Dancing. Or mixing exercise moves with club dancing moves. Or walking around, listening to videos… You might forget you are exercising. Good luck!
Cati Cia S.
I personally like listening to music and walking to school because I love looking at the trees and such but if u don't like walking, you can dance (just dance is the best) it may seem childish but when your done you'll be laughing, sweating, and feeling great
Tara R.
Try new stuff every workout, add different elements like yoga, or maybe add funny equipment like water bottles, sauce cans
Rosanna Z.
There's so many different ways to work out that you will surely find one that will not bore you! It can range from playing a sport, doing weights, doing cardio, going on a bike ride, joining a gym class etc Try out different forms of exercise until you find the one that works for you!
Elena F.
Yes, there is. I think it is helpful if you'll imagine as if you're trying to teach someone about what you're doing. Like what vlogger is doing. Or if you want to dance, think of it as if you're really performing on stage. So in short, use your imagination to enjoy exercising aside from listening upbeat music.
Esther U.
You can go for a dance workouts, warmup and all, I believe that if you're feeling bored than you can definitely go for some more fun and what could be better than dancing