What do you do for recovery? I work out 4 times a week so recovering is vital so I don’t injure myself. So like, foam rolling, stretches, etc.? What helps?

Monique N.
For recovery I love to use my foam roller. I also strongly recommend stretching. I personally like to do some deep yoga and stretching after an intense workout. Be sure to drink lots of water and I also recommend taking a protein shake to help your muscles out!
Shahrzad F.
Do stretches after your workout it maybe hard at first but you'll grow into it if you just didnt have the patience for that do yoga for 5-15 mins when going to bed or waking up also you could download stretching videos on youtube and use them on your rest day.
Aleya T.
I exercise every day and I take rest days because they are important. So, as long as the rest days are equal to the exercise u do, ur good (make it make sense lol)
Andreja N.
I usually stretch every night before bed. Only 15min of stretching helps to relax the muscles and prepare them for the next day. It even helps to escape the tightness and sore muscles if I had a particularly hard work out. I would say yoga is the best, because it also involves breathing exercises. YouTube is full of videos for people who don’t know where to start.
Oscar B.
I like to use stretching before a workout. Its very important that your muscles are loosened. Do at least one stretch for each body part and muscle group you intend to focus on during your workout. But doing a full body stretch is always better. It doesn't need to take long. 5mins is ok if you don't have much time or are just starting out. After your workout you should be sweating so I like to take a quick shower afterwards which I find helps me to relax and recover faster.
Tibor U.
Cooling down helps tremendously. Don't just stop exercising and go into stretching. Start decreasing the level of intensity towards the end.
Astrid C.
I would say that it depends on u, u can also watch series or movies ( I recommend kdramas if u like to) or read a book or whatever that u like , I am usually more productive when I watch serious. Its more mentally but anyway I hope it helps
Ruben E.
I never experienced a really bad injury, but when I fell while playing a game outside in my childhood and hurt a part of my body, first I asked someone to make me a short massage. When I felt better, I exercised for a little bit. I have no idea how bad your injury is, but if it is serious, you can hire someone for recovery through massage. If you hurt your leg badly, you will probably need to use a pool or something like that because this way you do not put too much pressure on it. Putting too much pressure, especially on a broken bone is a big no-no.
Hope it helped and have a fast recovery!
Lou P.
There is a thing called massage gun, this is magic for big muscles on the legs. It hurts a bit when you do it, but the sore is gone in 1 day