If you want to do different types of exercise, cardio and yoga for example, how do you integrate them both?

Xan O.
Good idea to switch up your exercise routine. With cardio and yoga specifically, you could use yoga as a long cool down/reset after cardio, or do cardio one day and yoga the next.
As a busy human, I prefer the latter
Quinn J.
alternate back and forth on days: cardio on one day, yoga the next. maybe consider getting a workout set of disks? so they’re balanced. that’s what I do
Suzy U.
Listen to your body and pick the activity that matches how you feel – got a lot of energy? Go for cardio. Feeling more tired? Pick yoga. Or you could do your cardio in the morning to get you energised for the day and yoga in the evening to chill out. Or use yoga as your warm up and cool down before and after your cardio routine.