I only do calisthenics. I have been doing core training, push-ups, and pull-ups every day for a few months. I’ve been stuck at around 20 max pull-ups for months and can’t seem to get stronger. I do different variations every day so I almost never do the same exercise 2 days in a row. My question is would it be better to take rest days on core exercises? And should I focus on certain muscle groups instead of doing everything in a day? When I take a rest day I feel like I’m weaker the next day, so I try and take as few as possible. But I’m just not sure if it’s my program. Also, if anyone knows of some great calisthenic exercises to get shredded it would be greatly appreciated. I need a good calisthenic workout program.

Yashna F.
Sorry I actually do not. But here's something that might help you get stronger: do 4 days of exercise in a week. 20 minutes each for starting. One day of rest and another of active rest that can have just walking to bike riding. The 1 day that is left should be focused on strength building training.
Stanitsa V.
First of all good job, stranger, for keeping up exercising! 🤗
Taking a rest day is essential both for the muscle's health, but also for performance. Ideally you shouldn't do the same muscle group two days in a row. Let's say today is arms and core day. Tomorrow should be a different muscle group day, so that your arm and core muscles have the time to rest, restore and build up stronger (which is your goal if I understood correctly). When you have different days for different muscle groups you can also at least double the number of workouts, which is also great. The specific muscle group workout that is. Good luck!
Mariana N.
Hi, first of all allow me to congratule you on the effort and commitment you have given to your goal. Personally I believe that a break day could benefit your body, but perhaps only one break day a week in order to keep your strength. I don’t know of any exercises, I’m sorry. Wish you all the luck in the world, you can do it!!
Vernon P.
You could try som light exercises instead of rest day. But if your body needs to rest completely, you should listen and not push yourself too hard. If you are stuck at 20 pull-ups, maybe your body is tired of this exercise, but maybe you can do more of another exercise?
Clarence C.
You already know parts of the answer. Yes you should take brakes, maybe 5 days from 7 is better than 7 from 7. You also should do focus training on some musclew that you feel weaker. You can find a lot of prorgrams and suggestions on youtube and in general on the internet. Good luck and tell me how you will evolve in the future.
Seth Q.
You don't necessarily need to have a day off where you do nothing. It can be an active reast where you go out for a walk or you clean the house or something that gets your heart beat up a little bit. You should be focusing on different muscle groups each day but always incorporate your core. The internet has a lot of different calisthenic workouts you can do but make sure your differentiate between strength and endurance. If you want to be shredded you should look into your diet since that's 80% of it. If you're stuck your should talk to a personal trainer. Good luck!