Any tips for a novice runner? How did you start?

Margarida F.
I don’t like running. Start with a long walk until you’re tired. Go back to where you started and in the next day, go further.
Tessa N.
I started in small intervals. Once I got comfortable with each of those little intervals (run for 2 minutes walk for 1) I began to push myself little by little to start running longer and with less breaks. I also made sure to keep track of how I was running, how much and how I felt after. Also, drink water an hour or so before you go
Angelica I.
I’ve never run but I can say that in the past I began to do it by just walking and it was great. Every morning with a group of friends we had this long routine and it was fun doing it together. However I tried to do it alone too and it was relaxing and fun too, even though I walked for an hour haha. I enjoyed the view and I think it’s a great start (We then turned down the walking routine because of issues).
If you keep going and after 4/5 or even a week of walking you can gradually start by a little run and then if you feel like doing so, accelerate the run.
Have fun!
Denise Z.
Start with 5 minutes on a treadmill on a low slope and intensity then after 5 increase the slope and speed then after 5 increase. Then slow down gradually
Rana U.
Tip: start with warm-up routines or with a light short jog- something not to overwhelm yourself right in the beginning. I started by feeling like I wanted to probably after forming a habit of playing my favorite sport (basketball) once a week.
Nishtha C.
I started by doing short sessions. I started seeing a real change in my fitness and it motivated me to do longer sessions. This has really helped my overall self esteem and confidence.