Is it okay to rest my body on weekends? Will this affect my exercise habit?

Albane Y.
Well, its a tough one, i usually relapse after taking a break, but also letting your muscles rest is a bonus. So im really not sure if ts advisable but try and alternate between weekends.
Rodan O.
Ya, its okay to rest your body because our body needs rest and also energy .
You use your mobile phone and you put in charge, so like this , you work for whole week and you need charge in weekends .
It will not affect your daily excersice too much . But you need to be quite active .
Enjoy your weekends
Judith Q.
Well i used to go to the gym before and it was normal to have the weekend off after 4 days of training so i believe it is normal to rest your body since that it need it even for a 9 minutes workout. Such habits will take time so just believe in the process and dont overdo it
La S O.
I believe it depends on if it has become a habit or not. After resting, will you feel inclined to continue resting in the next days? If the answer is yes, maybe you should at least do 5 min of exercise just in case.