How long did it take you to be consistent in your exercise routine? For those who struggled, what finally clicked, and made you consistent?

Demosthenes C.
Just keep pushing yourself! Do the whole 7min that the app offers you! Don't try to optimize your space. Begin wherever you are with what you have! After 2 weeks I took an exercise mat because of my consistency. I could not just keep exercising on carpet. So, if I wanted to keep pushin I said to myself at least do it right! Keep going!
Math O T.
Don't fall into the "two weeks to make a habit" trap. It may be a habit but certainly not a routine. Routines require a mindset. Something internal. Dont give into a rewards system, that's external
Mille W.
I made a bargain with myself. If I got up early to exercise, I would reward myself with my favorite breakfast, which was a protein shake. If I didn't go, then I would have oatmeal, which I don't care for but I'll eat in. Soon, I didn't need the incentive anymore. I just did it. It became a habit. Now I don't have to bribe myself to workout, I just get up every morning and do it without thought.
Mani Z.
About 2 months or so. It clicked when I could do the 3 morning challenges fluently. I also added a few more personal routines to it, things as simple as open the curtains and shower (coz I knew I always did them) once you start the morning routines me, it felt good knowing I could complete 2 then 3 then it just flowed to finish up my morning session. Same applied to my evening one.
Lucy C.
Doing shorter workouts that gradually got longer once I was in a routine. Seeing that I was already awake but just in bed so working out wasn’t that much of a stretch
Elizabeth L.
I think it took me about three days to be consistent in my exercise routine. At first I can say that I struggled with continuing, but there was a thought that someone told me which kept me going. It’s better to do the bare minimum than give up. So I didn’t stop and kept at it even when I was tired and didn’t want to move. Eventually I got used to it and here I am today.
Lars F.
I still haven’t gotten consistent…But when I realise that not exercising will cost me my streak, I do a little bit of a stretch or a jog everyday… Sometimes I just forget and realise like at 8:30 pm or something like that and just run ‘round the house for some exercise.
Rebecca P.
It took me a few weeks to get my exercise routine consistent. I struggled because I was trying to create my habit by using a type of exercise I hate as the foundation of my habit -Running. I would run for 2 or 3 days and then stop. What helped me was realizing that doing something is better than doing nothing and that if I hate running, it really is okay to start with just 10 minutes of yoga (stretching) a day. I then slowly started incorporating other exercises that I enjoy. I found group classes were good because then I am responsible to a group of people to attend. So I added boxing classes to my routine. I then found another type of exercise I enjoy – Pole classes. So 3x a week I am either at pole or boxing. I try to run 3x a week too, but if I am not feeling up to the run I ensure I at least do 10 minutes of stretching in that day, no matter how busy or tired I am, to keep my routine consistent. I also found the celebrating that Fabulous tells us to do has helped me tremendously in wanting to keep my routine. I really enjoy having a little dance in the mirror to some gangster rap after I go for a run 😅
Esther Y.
I used to moderately and intermittently exercise. Then I broke my ankle and couldn't walk for a couple of weeks and I got so incredibly restless sitting around all day. When I got the okay to start walking and exercising again it felt like such a relief. I go to the gym three times a week anr just feel such joy being in motion.
Emily Z.
It really hasn’t yet, but I still keep water by my bed side and I eat breakfast every morning now, but exercise is hard because I don’t have enough time in the morning
D Rthe Y.
Honestly I'm still working on it but reframing my mindset to one of love and accepting where I am in the journey is really helping. Also pruning my social media of "fitness" accounts has really helped.
Evi E.
I’m very competitive and as soon as I saw it as a game, I had to win. And that’s how I’ve been consistent, to win the game.
Mille Z.
It was hard to figure what to do for my exercise at first. I have beachbodyondemand but there are too many options and the ones that are as short as the recommended amount (which is an amount of time I like because I will do it if it is 8 minutes or less) I didn't like or they felt incomplete. However, I instead chose something I have wanted to accomplish that requires regular short exercise. I have always wanted to be able to do the splits so I downloaded the splits in 30 days app and that has worked for me. When I finish with it then I will download one of the other "in 30 days" apps the same company offers since they are short and I like their system.
Roland E.
I've been pretty good at it for almost 2 months now. I get a but obsessed 🙂
Yoga every morning, and focused on my life plan to remind me why I do it! My reason is that I want kids later in life, and by the time I have kids I want to be a good example for them, so I need to have these habits in me before then!
I also focus in how good it feels, and remind mylsef often that I'm so much more happy when I exercise. Also, I love rugby and joined a team (yes, women team!) So it's a very good motivation for me to get stronger and faster !
Also, I did get sick, and hurt. When I couldn't move, I tried to do gentle yoga. When even this wasn't possible, I actively decided to think "oh I can't wait to exercise again". It's like a lot of things in life ; fake it until you don't have to anymore !
Luzia J.
I guess the idea of a short challenge made it mentally easier to do it. I’ve always struggled with long term goals and making them shorter and more frequent ended up being a good way for me to get them done. It helped create a more consistent approach. I would catch myself thinking on whatever week I’m on , ugh I don’t wanna go but it’s only day 3. I can’t give up.” At that point, I’m ready. Usually, those are the days I end up working out for 30 minutes or longer.
Kaitlin J.
Every since I went away to college I started ending bad and not exercising. This is very weird to me because I was in multiple sports in high school that kept me in shape and fit. Unfortunately, having a consistent routine has taken me one full semester and a couple weeks. Now I have realized what a good balance is for me personally and that is the thing that takes time. I cannot work out every single day for two hours because I get tired and run down. I CAN exercise about 4-5 days a week for an hour, and this is what I do now. I had to work on my own mental health before becoming aware of what I can do physically.
Khaled N.
Morning time…short HiiT exercise…before starting any task.

I will try the other way if im later to work, then right when i get home after work. Before other tasks start.

Harri X.
Well for me I'm consistent to my exercise routine because I walk every weekday to school and back. And it about a 7-10 minute walk. so, it a pretty good amount of exercise for a day. Plus I'm walking all the time in the school and just out in general.