Do you usually do exercise before or after breakfast? And what do you do in those 8 minutes of exercises? Thanks!!

Jusseline Q.
I usually do exercise before breakfast because it helps of two reasons:- increases hunger
2.its better to exercise empty stomach otherwise it may cause stomach ache or committing

In my exercise slot I usually do :-
1.jumping jacks
2.wrist exercise
3.sun salutation
4.touching my toes and then touching my legs by my head
5.some neck and shoulder exercises
5.mountain pose
6.tree pose
7.handstand by taking wall as a support

– Thanks for reading my opinion and have a nice day.

Tanya F.
If I work out before a meal I will do the stomach exercises before I eat. The rest I can do afterwards. I am usually too hungry when I wake up to do all my exercise. Alternatively I take a short walk around the block.