My knees are hurting. Should I stop exercising or just slow down?

Cl Mentine Z.
I would try doing a longer warm up before exercising. Maybe start with something that gets your blood pumping, like a walk or jumping jacks, then do a couple gentle leg stretches before starting your normal exercise. Disclaimer: I'm in no way a trainer or any person qualified to give medical or fitness advice. This is simply what I do to avoid my knees from hurting when I work out
Rejanete C.
Slow down and go easy on the knees. They may not be used to it. If they’re causing you pain you might want to see a doctor
Marilyn X.
Slowing down and checking on one’s self is I believe a good practice..then when things get better decide if you want and can continue
Susie P.
Few things to know and do :
1. If you're going from no exercise to this exercise routine, know that your body will obviously pain and get hurt. However we shouldn't ignore this. Go to the gym trainer/Coach/physiotherapist to get a detailed answer for this hurting.
2. Use a knee band and sports shoes while doing the exercises.
Amelia E.
Do you warm up before the exercise? If no then please do. Also make sure your form is correct for that exercise. You can consult your trainer for the same. And yes, go soft initially and increase the intensity swiftly.
Lucy Y.
Go easy on yourself. You have just started your journey. Don't think about quitting though. If you have an arthritis problem you should consult a doctor but don't quit. Show up every day. The pain will be your sweet learning.

Anthony T.
You should rest your knees until they get better. At that time you can do other exercises which aren't related to knees and you won't fall behind.
Hope you get better soon .
Apr Gio Q.
Get in the habit of listening to what your body is telling you. If your knees are hurting, you may be better served by bringing down the intensity of your workouts, or even switching up your exercise every now and then. I’ve found that a few laps around the pool is a great option when you’re experiencing joint pain. I hope this helps!
Carolyn Q.
Slow down! Try some low impact moves like yoga to take some pressure off your joints. If you want to get cardio in, try swimming. But there are definitely options for keeping you out of pain. Slow down and ease up and find what works for you!
Tom E.
I would slow down and if it still bothering then I would maybe change the exercise routine to a lower impact but not less healthy exercise like yoga for a few days to heal and build strength of knees.
Edna F.
Slow down immediately! Your knees need to be protected. Try taking a rest day or switching to some exercise that won't put much weight on your knees, like swimming or yoga.
Daniel Z.
Resting is your best options, but also try to treat the pain by icing a little and once pain goes down start slow getting back to working out
Alexander B.
I say slow down a bit give your knees time to rest and then work out again sometime doing walk Exercise help then move on to more workout power walk and jogging and then walking again will make your knees stronger
Ben O.
Try with excercise with less knee-motion. Try with bike or something like swimming. Or maybe, you just have to stop running and start walking fast. Like a march.