How do they also motivate themselves

Gustav C.
invision the long term goal as if you had already achieved it how it will feel what your life will be like how all these little things will impact your life for the good
Evelin N.
After I achieve my “tiny” goals each day such as my morning routines, I have a great feeling. I know that whatever “useless” thing I was gonna do that day, I already achieved one thing that I wanted to. The desire for this great feeling motivates me.
Marcus Z.
By take the advice in consideration like put a bottle of water behind the bed to remember drink water at morning and I belive on my self that I can do this for a productive day whic make my happy
Its seems to be hard at the beginning but try hard and don't forgive up
Domniki X.
Results are the best motivation.
When you feel more energetic and strong, its a good motivation to keep eating a great breakfast.
When you start watching your body looking better in the mirror, you wanna keep working out.
You do all these things for a better you, for to take cate of yourself, to be better, feel better, look better.
Higino Q.
I am motivated by results, so it is important for me to keep track of things like my weight and the other aspects of myself that I want to see improvement in. However, with using this I want to improve my mood, outlook, and energy levels. I find keeping a journal helps to monitor such things, especially after meditating
Francesca E.
I need to feel motivated. My motivation is today that I have no chances and must do it. Motivation should have a different definition
Anne M.
Its hard. But motivating yourself is possible when you have an inner goal to reach. Sometimes i dont see the bigger picture too (also because the bigger picture for me is that the world is slowly dying and getter worser and worser every second, im sorry for this negativity), but try to 'make yourself better' for yourself, like mildly exercize from now and then, which is also freaking good for just feeling nice. I dont know were im going with this, but I think you can motivate yourself the best when you are doint things just for the sake of yourself.
Danielle O.
Self-mutilation can be extremely difficult. So having people in your life who motivate and encourage you goes a long way to help you achieve your goals. Also try visualizing your end goal. That will keep you focused on why you are doing what you are doing.