Should I exercise before or after breakfast?

Giulia R.
I don't know, maybe the best is just to listen to your body to find out. I can't exercize without breakfast because I have low blood pressure and sugar levels, so it's not good to hit the gim on an empty stomach. On the other side if I eat too much that makes me nauseous. I opted for a half breakfast-exercize-other half breakfast rountine: I have a glas of water and a banana, I wash my fave and teeth and put on the gim clothes. I then exercize and after that I have more water and a cup of tea or coffee (depending on what I feel to have) and a pancake/omlette/ham sandwich, depending on morning 🙂
Serena O.
I think that you should exercise after breakfast. In my experience, having breakfast wakes your body up and gives it the energy and vitality it needs to move around. Not eating before you exercise in the morning might be hard because you have little substance to fuel your workout.
F Bia S.
I love exercising on an empty stomach, I guess you burn more fat when you do that. So it's best to exercise before breakfast.
Manuel P.
It depends on how you feel. Some people like to exercise before breakfast because they want to burn more fat. On the other hand, there is some people that can't even do one push-up before breakfast because they need their fuel for the workout.
Juil L.
If you want to eat before exercise, it should be at least an hour prior and composed of protein, fat, and slow carbs (as opposed to simple carbs like sugar, white bread, etc.).

There isn't conclusive scientific evidence that one way or the other is better.

Rosario T.
I prefer to exercise before breakfast, because I can move easily, and I feel better. Also, is good to think in the breakfast like my gift for all the work that I did
De N.
I excersise after…that's just me I have chores I do every morning then I eat play my word game and wait for my bones to start working…then I do my excersiseing…hope this helps!