Do you consider exercise a chore or a privilege? Why?

Stephanie B.
I consider exercise a privilege because not everyone has the opportunity to exercise, even those who do may not have the will to engage in it. So whenever I am able to exercise, I am grateful for it because there are a lot of persons who would want to but cannot for one reason or the other. Exercise is actually liberating and boosts self confidence and productivity.
Guterre C.
It can be a little of both because in my household, there are people who don't think I need to exercise because I'm “too skinny” but it is a privilege because not everyone has the equipment or even the music to do so!!🥰
Anastasia I.
I've always seen it as a chore and now I'm realising that maybe that's the problem, thinking I get to workout instead of I have to workout changes everything
Shy T.
A privilege and a chore. It's a self maintenance activity that not everybody has the time or resources to be able to do on a regular basis
Bebiano I.
I love exercising but my body doesn't always have the capability of keeping up and I get injured often. Being injured slows me down and it's hard to stay motivated. Exercise is a privilege.
Leilani S.
I consider exercise a privilege because it reminds me that I have some off time to do my thing and take care of myself. Even though I work 4 jobs, the fact that I can still find time outside of my day to do just a little bit of exercise allows me to continue to reset my mind and help me balance my day as well 😊.
Amy E.
for me, exercise is a privilege rather than a chore because i want to keep my body healthy and i want to be the best version of myself i can, and so i think by exercising, i actually feel more energised afterwards and can get more done in the day
Valentina N.
Maybe both, it relays on many factors whether one exercise or not. Because it someone had a disability, they cannot do some exercises that other people can, so in that way we may call it a privilege. But in other circumstances, exercise must be a chore because human beings are not made for a sedentary life, the body need to be in constant movement to improve health, release chemicals substances that can boost our energy throughout the day, decrease stress and anxiety levels too. The truth is, exercise everyday even if it’s just a few minutes, can provide a good lifestyle and health.
Ema F.
privilege without any doubt!! is so so so important for you, and exercise can help you with other type of problems like anxiety
Hajar N.
i can’t consider it a chore since it brings me so much joy when i’m done. now it brings me joy before even starting it!
plus it the only FREE way to build my health for later life
i do walks, elliptical at home and yoga too
Gabriella B.
I think working out is a privilege when you go to the gym but it’s a chore when you go to the gym and work out at home it’s a chore. It also depends on what you want it to be.
Noemi S.
I think everyone can exercise if they want in many possible way
For exercise u dont necessarily have to go to the gym but u can also do it calmly at home 🙂
Ray J.
When you first start , it can feel like a chore to be honest but when you get used to it , it becomes a privilege because with every day that you exercise you realize all the things your body can do and endure
Katiane Q.
Both of them, a chore 'cause exercise only need the body and 10 minutes per day and a privilege 'cause not everyone has the opportunity to move parts of their body.
Heather G.
I consider exercise a little bit of both, it may seem like a chore, bc you have to work for your results. It’s also a privilege, bc a lot of people can’t exercise and if you can you can choose to use that privilege for your own good.
Allan P.
Well exercise can feel like a chore sometimes but it can also be a privilege because not everyone has access to workout videos or the equipped.
Alex Z.
I consider it a chore, but that’s just my opinion. We need exercise in order to stay healthy physically and mentally.
Hope this helped!
– Alex