Which kind of exercise you do in the morning?

Kasper C.
Stretch my legs (legs out as far as I can go and hold it for 20 seconds while reaching)
Build up thigh strength (hold dove stretch position)
Reach past my toes on leg stretch
Complete some squats (10 at least)
Complete some high wall push ups (15-20)
Complete normal push ups (5)
This is what I try to do at least, I’m not very physically fit
Anime R.
On Monday to Thursday I use the gym shark training app and do the cardio or body weight and on Friday to Sunday I do yoga.
Liz J.
Every morning I do some yoga to help me wake up for the day ahead of me. Even if you don't feel motivated to do it some mornings, a light stretch helps a lot, so you can get moving!
Ronald Z.
200 star jumps take me less than 5 minutes and keep me feeling that I've done some exercise and my heart stays fit. Simple has been the way to go since I started with fabulous. Wish you all the best.
Tha S Q.
Quite a bit of streching to begin with followed by quick body movements and little bit of pushup and plank. Being slightly overweight means i cannot do alot of exercises without straining my muscles too much