How do you make exercise a part of your day?

Eli Ka E.
well, now, whenwe are on a lockdown, it's easy for me to find time in the morning to exercise. But I am afraid that when I have to go back to school, I will have to move my exercise session to the evening
Micheal P.
I love nature. I enjoy walking close to water. I made exercise part of my day by doing what I love instead of forcing hard things on myself. I started to go out for a short walk after 6 pm, as spring is gone and it’s summer, I decided to walk in the morning around 7.00 am instead of the evening. I don’t run, I just walk. I still sweat at the end of it. Now I walk 1 hr about 3.5 miles everyday. I started with 30 min then 40 then 60.
Ed P.
What makes exercise a part of my day is creating a routine in the morning to do any pending task so after work I will have free time to exercise. I'm also choosing specific days to the practice so I can focus
Crystal C.
I do it as part of my morning routine. If you cant make that work. I'd suggest an accountability buddy. Once you make it part of your routine you will eventually start looking forward to the afterglow and want to do it. The key for me was changing my mindset from a question of if I was doing it to how can I make it easier for myself to do it. Laying out exercise clothes, etc. Make it as easy as possible for future you to do it. You have 5 seconds to get up and do it or your mind will talk yourself out of it so count down from 5 then move! Hope it helps!
Silvestre E.
I like to exercise right when I wake up 8 in the morning. I wake up drink water then exercise then shower and have a healthy breakfast.
Laurine T.
I love exercising because it makes me feel like I’m getting stronger and healthier. I try to exercise everyday. It’s a very big and fun part of my day.
Megan F.
I stretch in the morning to wake myself up and keep myself from getting stiff. Then I celebrate my achievement with dancing to one of my favorite songs
Andreas T.
I dance 15 minutes before breakfast everyday, it's easy because is a small time and light activity, maybe it get bigger in future. I'm trying to play volleyball for and least one and half hour everyday, but it's hard because is a big time and exhaustive activity and is completely disconnected from my routine.
Lotte F.
I always workout at 7 pm . So i have diner around 6, then i always clean up my room and listen to music, and if im done i get my workout clothes , work out for about 20 minutes and then always take a shower. Just try to fit it in a moment you have every day, when youre used to be on your phone :)) Good luck!
Selma N.
If i can, i like to start my day, right after i feed my 3.5 month old, by either doing a quick strength or HIIT workout so i can be ready for my 2 yr old! If i don’t have time before my 2 yr old, I’ll make sure i get in a quick workout while my 2 yr old naps. As a fitness instructor, it a priority to get in a quick, effective workout in every day!