How much is too much exercise? I try to do 7 minute in the morning and 10 mins of intense workout after work, should I rest some days?

Nayeli S F.
I think that you have the perfect balance, but if you are doing intense workouts maybe on weekends you could do more moderate workouts as a rest.
Shannon T.
I would say that too much exercise varies person to person. If you are in a lot of pain then I wouldn’t exercise. The part that strengthens your muscles isn’t the exercise itself, but rather what your body does after exercising. It repairs the microscopic tears in your muscles and this reinforces them and makes them stronger. If you exercise at a rate where your body can’t keep up with the repairs then this can be dangerous. Rest when you’re sore, or if you have to do some stretches to relieve tension.
Jake Q.
Too much exercise would be over working your self so try to push yourself to 10-15 minutes morning and after noon per day
Isabe Lle Not Lla N.
I think the amount of exercise depends on the person. Continue doing light activity in the morning and take rest days for intense workouts after work. That’s to ease your body, but remain active. Of course like I said it depends on how you feel. If you’re pushing yourself too much you should ease up on yourself so you don’t quit entirely.
Julie J.
Hey! I think you should 100% always choose how much you want to work out. If you feel you need a break do it, personally me I make a plan, so basically if I have a test on Wednesday I’ll make the work out plan smaller, like just going on a walk or a small home work out so I have time to study. Exercise isn’t always about how much you do or how long the work out is, anything is better than nothing, and if you feel you can balance this plan you do! But.. if you feel you want to cut down some stuff you do! It’s very important to balance everything that is happening to you<3 remember stay motivated friend!<333