How do you prioritize exercise in your life?

Carmen X.
Currently my job revolves around exercise but will change soon which is why I am enjoying adding it to my habits so when my career changes to a desk job I still get my exercise.
Simon P.
Scusate ma purtroppo non parlo inglese. Questa app é meravigliosa. Per fortuna capisco un po di inglese anche se sarebbe super poterla avere nella mia lingua.
Cmq ho creato un abitudine. Ogni mattina dopo aver bevuto e dopo aver fatto colazione. Faccio alcuni minuti di risveglio. Con yoga o stretching e subito dopo esco per una bella passeggiata nei boschi con il mio cane.
Hans J N.
I think the key to that is enjoying the exercise itself. When I found an exercise that I really enjoy, I started to look forward to it every morning, instead of feeling like it's a chore I need to get done. Starting is the hardest part, and the reward after my exercise session makes me want to come back for more every day.
Noah O.
Yes! I wake up every morning for the past year and do CrossFit 🙂 I have found a great community and friends who enjoy the same exercise and I look forward to starting my day with these people. It makes the class fun and I have seen a big change in my daily habits and life
Diana F.
Exercise is the second this to do in the morning just after drinking water. I also try to do some sport in the afternoon especially now when I work from home.
Katie F.
Make accessible goals you can physically feel yourself improving with. For instance, the goal of doing the middle splits might encourage you to continue based on seeing your stretching get you farther in your flexibility.