Do you know any good children’s exercises?

Alo S O.
In my opinion the best exercise for children is play! Go outside and run around and roll in the grass. Bonus points if it’s with a friend! But if you’re looking for something more structured, I don’t have any specific exercises but I’d say focus on cardio and stay away from heavy weights. And make sure to have a snack after!
Barb J.
As a kid I always really enjoyed jumping on the trampoline – it’s both fun and surprisingly good exercise. Gymnastics was also a good one for agility and core strength, though my parents probably hated me constantly doing cartwheels and handstands around the house 😅.
N Dege A.
-Jumping Jacks
-Pull Ups/Chin Ups
-Lifting Weights *appropriately fit to child regarding weight amount
-Leg Lifts
-Side Leg Lifts
Hector J.
Anything outside with nature. Running jumping exploring climbing teaching picking pretending gathering discovering nature!!
Lorenzo Y.
Walking around a park of kicking a soccer ball around. Nothing too strenuous that an adult would be doing for a workout is good, but you could always look for something like a t-ball league for them to join or a pee-wee soccer league.
Sarah F.
Unfortunately I don’t but if I had children when I wanted them to exercise I would find a personal trainer who is accredited and who could give me the right information I might even perhaps try to get more than one opinion.
Thea C.
Yes!! ! Get out doors, walking, hiking, some gymnastic on the park, swimming, hula with them , they will appreciate your time, and you will be kid again.
Arnd U.
Well personally being close to a teen I like to do yoga 🧘‍♀️ because it’s not too intense and you can do it in groups or alone and it’s very uplifting
Alda R F.
Best is probably play based. Dancing to music, Simon says or Red light/Green light, or make an obstacle course at the park for different types of motion.
Allison C.
Try to remember all the activities you did during physical education as a child. My niece and nephew love to work out with their mom and I. We do push ups, crunches, planks, butterfly kicks, mountain climbers, and more. You can do some activities that may add more fun like jump roping, swimming, playing kickball really gets the heart pumping. Having them join different sports teams, dance/cheerleading, or even let them help you when doing some yard work.
Andrea C.
YouTube has lots of great children’s exercise, dance, and yoga that the whole family enjoys. I am sore after some of those!
Christina Z.
Good for stretching: Head Shoulders Knee's and Toes.

Good for cardio: Tag, Red Light Green Light and Simon Says.

Rika P.
Children are naturally full of energy and don't require conventional exorcises the way adults do. However, to maintain healthy bone structure and ensure proper growth, it is best to have children do a range of running, climbing, jumping, and flexibility training. Take your child to a park or have a jungle gym in your backyard. Do stretches together, then ask them how many laps they can run around you while you jog around the park or yard. Once finished, play some leapfrog together or do jumping jacks. Use a trampoline if you have one. Finally, encourage them to play on monkey bars or rock walls while you finish your exorcise routine.
Vanda E.
Children are natural long distance runners! Also, cycling as a family will become a fun easy habit they will continue as adults. But if you are looking for indoor exercise, kids love to follow along with mom doing yoga, or dancing! Don't worry if their form is correct, just let them move with you. They will love doing what you do and it will create happy memories of exercising with mom or dad that can encourage them to exercise throughout their life.
Lydia U.
Jumping jacks , skipping rope (add games) , hopscotch… even hide and seek is good excercise if it’s played in an open area
Hugo Q.
Children can go on a walk with you and play I Spy or go hiking on a "nature walk" and they can collect fallen leaves, branches, pinecones, etc. Swimming. YouTube Kids Bop Dance Party- You will sweat lol.
Alma F.
I request getting involved in as much sporting activities as possible. Like football and athletics. I also recommend things like jumping jacks because they are fun at the same time as practical.
Kristiane F.
Most of the children's music have a dance with it so that's a way they can be more active.
Yoga and meditation is the best for any age, so is walking. If they are more than 7 martial Arts is amazing as well. Teach them how to stretch from a young age is also helpful. Jumping is also recommended.