How many times a day do you exercise and do you use any of the Fabulous regimes? If so, which one is most beneficial and why?

Deborah Z.
I only exercise once a day at the moment. I didn't exercise at all before Fabulous. I do the 1 minute workout every morning. I've found it to be most beneficial for me because I was a couch potato and this short workout is easy to commit to.
Gabs W.
I do exercise for about 1 hour every day and I feel so relaxed when I do it. I do cardio which is beneficial for my health and I like it too. Sometimes I jumped and this makes me feel so happy. I like to smile when I am doing exercise.
Milton W.
I exercise once a day in the morning, at least 30-45 minutes. I do cardio in the weekends while I do whole body workouts in the weekdays. Unfortunately, I dont do the Fabulous regime
Tabetha Z.
It depends, sometimes it’s just a 40 min walk around the house or it can be more than an hour walks in the neighborhood. If I’m feeling motivated, i do some core work.
Philip C.
Currently I’m working out for 10 mins a day once but hoping to increase this soon. I am using my own apps and some YouTube videos to do so.
Nath E.
Minimum once per day – every morning. 🙂 5-min walk, then I follow the Sun Salutations Yoga routine, then the 7-min exercise routine, then cool down with yoga again. 🙂