What do you do as light exercises, to give your body time to rest, but still keep it active?

Ashley C.
I like keeping it simple for light exercises like doing pushups, squats, and planks. I try to do them throughout the day so I can keep my body moving!
Donna U.
A light exercise that I do is to purely dance. It is easy to jam on a good song while I don't force my body to much. In fact I like dancing even I'm not good at it.
Емануела Имамова N.
Hmm.. Well I don’t know if this is an exercise, but I would say going out with my friends! I definitely enjoy going on walks like this and I feel like my body is resting, but it’s active which is very good! So I am saying – WALKING!
Roger R.
Well, On rest days I personally like to do a more advanced stretch routine. Like just try finding a video on YouTube. Hopefully this works for u too, good luck!
Sonia Z.
Yes, to make my active all the time, have long day of work and studying, take care of my young sister and brother…. So e, exercise help me to be active and focus the whole day