How do you manage when life gets chaotic?

H Lya X.
I usually just go along with it but eventually, if it gets to a point, I sometimes have to take time away from what is going on around me and just do something else. Relax my mind, find other ways to distract myself from the chaos.
Natanael F.
At first, when I start feeling nervous, distressed and my head is turning more, and more "heavier" I prefer to abandon everything I do and try to find a calm place.

I usually go for a very slow walk and try to pay attention to external beauty. Start being curious. Forget for a while about your stressful thoughts.

After a refreshing, rewiring walk I start journaling. Every thought is going to be analized. After this kind of self therapy I feel a huge relief and aura of calm is within me and outside my mind.

I wish you would cope with every problem you've got. Be safe and happy!

Gene U.
I think the best way is breath. Breath whenever you want, even in front of others and don't be afraid of it. Don't be ashamed if somebody calls you "weird" or stares at you with disdain. You aren't doing it for them. You are BREATHING for YOU. Remember that!
Astrid N.
I take some deep breaths and reflect on my day. How do I feel, and why? What can I do to prevent this chaos in the future? In general, I try to follow a schedule to add structure and routine to a life permeated with unavoidable chaos.
Allen J.
I try to do things that I like,a lot of times I just shut down if it gets really stressful to be honest, but when I draw or do exercise I feel a lot more calmer