I enjoy walking a lot and jogging to a certain extent, but traditional exercise like push ups, sit ups, pin ups, skipping and the like are things I absolutely dread, how do I get over that?

Evelyn S.
Set goals and work towards specific accomplishments. Then it becomes like a game where you’re competing against yourself.
Taylor S.
I love sit ups and planking, even push ups even if I suck at them. I think of exercise as a celebration of what my body can do, not as a punishment. I am alive, I have legs that can walk, run and squat. Someday I am not here and before that my body will not work the way I want. Now I can sweat and evolve, make myself stronger to enjoy life longer.
Tristan Z.
If I we're you I would slowly ease you react self into things like push ups by starting with similar yoga poses then maybe do the slightly harder ones and before you know it you'll be doing push ups like a boss
Mustafa E.
Just start it, at first, i feel that too. Start with a simple one, lime 5 minutes each day. Or even shorter, just start it. 5 minutes isn't matter right? 5 minutes, just 5 minutes or even shorter. You can do it.

Or you can combine jogging with some traditional exercise tho.. k man good luck

Nina U.
If you're anything like me, when you first started jogging, you didn't like it. But it sounds like you're beginning to enjoy it more. I think it's the same for strength training. First you'll tolerate it, but over time you'll enjoy it. Listening to music while working out can make it more enjoyable.
Dena Q.
Hi there, I really struggled getting into the exercise regime, as I found I have no energy to do it in the evenings so I could only do it in the morning. I tried doing the simple exercises on this app every morning. They are well timed, but great exercises that make you feel good like you have had a long workout. Small ones every day for 3 days gets you into a great system or routine. Now I feel ready for the day!
Harper X.
I'm no expert, but my personal opinion is that you don't have to get used to something you dread when you already have some exercises your are comfortable with. Just build a habit of exercising regularly, doing activities you enjoy.
Noe W.
Ask yourself this question. Why am I denying myself a better life/future for yourself? Because you don't want to a exercise. You have the answer.
Maria E.
By doing more of the activities you DO love. Doing those activities that you already love with more vigor will eventually energize you to try new things and to push yourself out of your comfort zone.
Asta U.
I recommend to use Apps / for me, it was Sworkit and Workout app that helped me enjoy little workouts in-between. If you also own an Apple Watch, the workouts help you to close your Apple Watch Activity rings.
Britney P.
I would say do it gradually!! If you start with a push up a day, you can gradually increase that and soon you'll be doing hundreds 😎😎
M Cio A.
Do 5 of each, or 3 or something real easy, just to accomplish it. Before you do it, tell yourself, "I am going to enjoy doing this and when I am done I will be better at doing these exercises". Make it a positive thing instead of something you don't want to do. Then just increase the number telling yourself each time that you are getting better and you enjoy it!

I did this with running because I was not a great runner. Little bit to start with then longer and longer. Now I love running and look forward to it.

David Z.
I know the feeling because I’ve faced that exact same problem within the last ten or so years (only you’re ahead of me with the walking & jogging a little). Due to circumstances I can’t control those exercises are beyond my reach but in house exercising is more my speed. All I suggest is that you might want to slowly increase the type and rate at which you exercise. It’s also been suggested that you change up your targeted areas during your exercise sessions. You might also try to get into and keep up a roll with your exercise routines. Some days you might want to take a break but jump right back in after you’ve rested for a few days. And don’t forget to eat regularly and nutritiously, and drink water at the proper times to keep your body hydrated and going at your optimum strength levels.
Marine W.
You can find some tutorials in which coach do that exercises and explain something about them, like what are their adventiges or when we should do them, why and so on. This may motivate you to do them following him/her untill you're ready to do it yourself. Try to do them with friends and let some music play in the background, this was helping tip for me when I was starting. Good luck!
Almerindo E.
Sometimes when we do the same boring routines it gets a little stale. This is the opposite way of getting a thrilling workout. Instead, find classes such as yoga, Barr, and cycling to mix it up! Working out is like finding a favorite restaurant. Pick what you enjoy in your life and the rest will come easy.
Judy Q.
You can change the reason behind why do what you do. For example if you do those workouts to boost your brain or warm up your body or defy the odds of what your body is telling you, then you will do them no matter what.

I think the key place to start is why must you do them.
Next best place is to take in small bites while celebrating every step. Start with 5 if each for a week and keep stepping it up.

You are able to do it many times over and so much more

Josina F.
Try substituting light weights such as dumbells for pushups. The weights should be heavy enough to give some resistance and you should be able to do about 8 repetitions until fatigued.
In terms of a core exercise to substitute for sit-ups or crunches I like using the Bodyblade system of exercise. This requires you to purchase a Bodyblade from bodyblade.com
If you are average height and weight then buy the CLASSIC one. The bodyblade is a length of plastic that oscillates back and forth when held in the middle and pushed back and forth. You can watch the videos on the website. When standing upright and using the proper technique this exercise provide instant core strengthening and terrific upper body resistance training in the short space of 6 to 10 minutes.
Valentin S.
Find other methods of exercise that don't FEEL like exercise. Sports are a great example. Or find other fun ways to work out like hiking through the forest, or rock climbing at a gym. Even joining a dance class can be good exercise.
Emil Y.
Don't! Find something you do like! Play basketball for an hour (or find another game you like to play), join a gym with a pool and swim laps or do water aerobics (if you have the money), if you have kids – try doing whatever they do for an hour straight when they're being energetic (it's exhausting, lol), try new things like gymnastics or skateboarding or yoga or hot yoga or palates or disc golf, or a kind of dance you've never danced, put on your favorite music and dance around the house, try listening to audiobooks or watching TV while exercising (this distracts you from what you're doing), find an accoutablility partner (my daughter and grandmother are mine 😅) and take turns choosing what you want to do (maybe the fact that someone else likes some things that you don't like will motivate you to do them sometimes, but out of fairness), if you have kids, teach them some of the things you don't like just to see if they enjoy them (my daughter (6) loves challenges, so showing her the plank and wall sits was hillarious. Of course, I didn't make her do them, she could quit at any time she felt uninterested, but she was entertained), offer to mow an elderly couples yard for free once per week, maybe get paid a bit for your excecise by walking dogs in your spare time. But, most importantly, if you really just want to start liking these exercises: start small, do the one minute routine of push-ups (I started with cheat push-ups by using a counter instead of the floor), jumping jacks, and high legs running just once per day (this routine is on Fabulous) AND reward yourself every time by celebrating (this anchors your habit by attaching these tasks to happy feelings). The end of the one minute exercise has a celebrate song at the end, I usually do my happy dance and sing (I feel great today!) to a tune I made up in my head. I dunno what kinda music you like, but every genre has fast pace, feel good, inspirational music. I love metal, rock, pop, punk, jazz, classical, blues, ska, r&b….. All of those genres have music you can get motivated to exercise to. For me, sometimes it's Queen, sometimes it's P!nk, sometimes it's System of a Down, Rob Zombie, or RATM, sometimes it's Hank III (inappropriate country music, lol), sometimes it's David Bowie, sometimes it's No Doubt, sometimes it's Duke Ellington or Benny Goodman or Billy Butterfield, sometimes it's The Talking Heads, sometimes it's Alice Cooper or Soundgarden or Clutch or Alice in Chains, or ICP. I'm sure you get the point. Even find new music to listen to that might motivate you. Maybe you'll find that Cradle of Filth isn't something you love, but it's something that you can really workout to. Haha. Even cleaning, if you do it correctly, can be great exercise. If you live where it snows, you can offer to shovel driveways for free, or just do it until someone's comes out and tells you to stop. Volunteer for a kids organization like Girl Scouts and teach hiking, canoeing, archery, ECT. Or Big Brothers, Big Sisters and take kids to do their favorite activities that might be exercise. Garden! If you can't garden in you're own yard or don't have a yard, find a community garden and volunteer or buy a space (this means free food a lot of times)! Or find an organization that needs volunteers to do hard labor in a skill at you have, like Habitat for Humanity. Painting walls, construction, dry wall, are all great exercise. If you don't know how, they'll teach you and then you have a new skill set. Okay, I'm done. I hope it helps!!!
Lauriana I.
I’d suggest starting with a short routine. For example; for five minutes every morning before you shower, do as many sit ups as you can. I’ve found if I attach exercising to an already established part of my daily routine, it helps me stay consistent. I know if I skip those five minutes and hop in the shower, I’ll regret it all day. Plus, starting with a quick workout session will build endurance as opposed to trying a 45 minute cardio class that you never want to return too. Go at your own pace and find ways to sneak in the exercises you don’t enjoy but need to do. Try a wall sit while you brush your teeth as opposed to sit ups or instead of push ups, do a one minute wall plank while watching the news. Often times, you can almost always find a more enjoyable alternative to just “traditional exercises”. Hope this helps!
Micheal W.
Thats because you are exceeding your limit. Start low in range of ur comfort level then slowly move up. Trust me then it ll turn out to be more fun
Malou Z.
Incremental development! I have felt the exact same way about exercise as well. So many times I've jumped into trying to get fit and after my first and second workouts I'm left feeling sore and defeated and soon after I fall off the wagon and don't get back on for months. Just like the small incremental changes we're making to our daily rituals like drinking water every morning you could start with small achievements. You could try by starting with 1 or 2 reps of the exercises you dread and when you complete them you will feel successful and motivated to do it again. May I suggest this week one each morning after you drink your water you do 1 or 2 pushups 2 sit up's 2 squats 2 pinups and 5 skips. You shouldnt feel much soreness after that week. See how you feel and if you still feel dread about doing them do another week the same.
Nic Sio Z.
By changing the story that you tell to yourself. This is just like washing the dishes, washing the teeth, making the bed – maybe is not pleasant but you do it because you have to and with exercising is the same. You do it because you want to be healthy and feel good … You don't have to force yourself to hard in the beging. Start slowly and easy but first ask yourself why do you want to do it because if you don't have enough good reasons you will not do it.
Michel G.
Here are a couple of things you can try. Do two pushups every morning first thing for a couple of weeks. Then add more when you get used two it. You can also do push-ups while you’re waiting for your coffee to brew or after something you do every day ( like brushing your teeth). Pairing an exercise with something you normally do is an anchor habit. You can continue to build your anchor habit. But remember to start small brick by brick. This is how habits are built.
Joe F.
Try to find different excercises, that target the same muscles, that you enjoy more. If you switch up your excercise routine it keeps you from getting bored with doing the same things over and over.
Cl Dio S.
Like Nike's slogan 'Just Do It'. Even when your not in the mood or feel like it, get up and do it. Your body and mind will thank you for it
Daisy X.
Look for something you like that would help your body and try it, there are other things that can be done other than traditional exercise that can define the body and build muscle.Yoga pilates a pump class dancing class swimming surfing martial arts 🙂 good luck
Elia Z.
You just gotta do it. Take it one step at a time and start small. If you remain consistent you will reach to a level that will surprise even yourself. You just have to keep showing up everyday and especially so on days when you don’t feel up to it. 🙂
Patrick O.
I feel the exact same way! There are two things I do when this happens to me. The first is that I remind myself the benefits each traditional exercise has for specific muscle groups. This *sometimes* motivates me to do the exercise. The second thing I do (also the main thing I do) is find other ways to work out the same muscle groups without having to do the traditional exercises. In my case? I rock climb. Serious upper body work out but also gets the core and legs when you’re climbing too. The sport also challenges me both physically and mentally, which I absolutely love. So if doing sit-ups and pushups are dreadful and boring to you, find something you enjoy and modify it if you want to get a great workout!
Axel Q.
I think u should start small for example you love walking walk a short distance than do one push up and the walk another distance and do 2 push up extra… And u can change the exercise it doesn't have to be just push up u can squats side kicks depending on your preferences.
Bernard T.
Doing what’s hard and what you really thinks sucks is very good for you. You’ll sooner or later find what you’ve dreaded and feared you in the past is now your favourite exercises. You say you LOVE walking and jogging to an extent. I recommend go for a long walk/jog. Write on your calendar. ‘’I will jog 10 miles. Just do it. Just do it. I can jog 2 miles.10 miles will be easy.’’ You must go a distance that you may think is impossible. It’s as simple as being outside for 3 hours on a beautiful day. Map out your run. Prepare. JUST DO IT. You can do it. Get past your wall.
Thibaut F.
I've found they don't necessarily get more exciting as exercises, but they get easier to complete the more you practice, and I personally dread 'easy' movements less than complex or difficult ones. Just keep practicing and add variety and excitement with the things you look forward too. Doing rudimentary movements is like eating your greens – do it coz it's good for you!
Tracy C.
The best thing you can do is to find an activity you enjoy. Dancing is exercise. Yoga and Pilates. Swimming. There are an innumerable number of weighs that you can be active. Strength training can be lifting full grocery bags. Find something you enjoy. Or Google alternatives
Elsie E.
Each exercise holds its own value, to run faster we need to always increase muscle tone and strength that is achieved by push ups and sit ups. We need to learn to appreciate the pain in each different exercise and try and get the best from each.
Wallace E.
I just keep on keeping on 🤦🏃🤸🚶🏌️🤺👭🕺💃💃💃💃💃 Iam quite certain l create second looks and pleasantaries as I preform plies at the bus stop. Fluid movements such as the like however create captivating movements which make it easy to forget so I'm actually exercising and life goes on🙋
Magnus Z.
Push ups, sit ups, pin ups, skipping and the like…sounds like a lot and it can feel bogging down when you think about themm all together. What I do in these cases is to take baby steps, start small, start with 1 – the one that you dislike the least, the one think you can handle better. Or choose one that you think you may benefit from (e.g. I stretch my back and my shoulders).
You could start with 2, but if you really dread stretching, maybe 1 is enough for now. Decide the length: 30 seconds? 1 minute?
Find a way to integrate it in the routine e.g. set s reminder or write a post it, or use the app. Also, once you have completed an exercise, take time to notice if you feel any physical benefits, or if you feel any different as a result. For example, if your shoulders feel looser or less tense, that might motivate you to repeat the related stretching exercise.
Karl U.
Teach yourself to make them just a part of the rhythm of your day. Think about how they wake you up or energize you, or even take note of the small pleasant physical changes they enact on your body. They become easier the more you do them
Thea F.
I just do a short exercise like a few minutes only, and it gives me a feel of completing something. Maybe this will work for you too 🙂
Sophia O.
Find something that you do enjoy and ignore the things that make you dread movement. The point of exercise is just to get your body moving and your muscles working. Don’t like standard movements? Then don’t do them! Try rock climbing, slack lining, tree climbing, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking. If you need more structure you can look into dance, gymnastics, or martial arts classes for your age group. Try new things until you find a way to move your body that makes your soul sing. The consistency that comes with enjoying yourself is more valuable to both your mental and physical health than doing more “effective” exercises but infrequently because you hate them
Carter A.
I think you should start with smaller number of reps for each activity, and maybe just one activity, say push-ups… At the end of your regular walk, or halfway, you add 3 push-ups…for the first week. Notice the greater feeling each time you complete that goal, and use that to keep going. It also helps to be next to someone who already is a regular gym goer. It will inspire you to imitate them in smaller ways.
Ken J.
I think it is important to exercise. There are so many great effect from doing it, and we all know we get sick by not moving our body. That said, I think it's equally important to enjoy exercising, because if we hate it we won't do it and we'll probably get ill anyways. So I think you should be happy that you enjoy going for a jog. If you want to learn to enjoy doing other kind of exercise I think you should start slow and slowly work in more time doing it. Change outfits to work out clothes, go for a walk and then do 5 push ups, 5 sit-ups and 5 air squats. If that feels too much, only do 3 of each, or 1 even. The important thing is to have done it in your work out clothing. Slowly increase the amount of reps you are doing, and when you feel comfortable you could try some easier work outs with these or similar exercises. Google for inspiration, but remember to start slow. Let it take at least 4 weeks to come up to 10 from 5 reps.
Good luck!
Gustav W.
I wish I knew. I dread those things as well. I have arthristis and no upper body strength so I lift small weights when I sit down in the evenings or use light ankle weights when I walk. I enjoy hiking the most and I can make it as easy or as strenuous as I need by hiking rougher, steeper trails or walking faster.
Roxane C.
Get some empowering music on and challenge your inner self to a 30 day sit up and 30 day squat duel with the help of an app or two! It can be fun! If you don’t feel up to it for a day, don’t guilt yourself! It’s about enjoying exercise! Not torturing yourself! X
Tracy J.
I've never heard of exercises called pin ups or skipping. My question would be, " why do you want to do these exercises"? If it's too target a certain body part, maybe there is another exercise you can do to Target the same body parts or alternative ways of doing then. Push ups on the wall or chair or table. This gives you a different angle to work at. You can alter pull ups by using something to stand on and starting at the top of the pull up and slowly and controlly lowering yourself down into the normal start of the pulling up.. You also want to ask yourself, "why don't you like it"? To hard, too boring? After you find you find a alternative. And if you truly despise it, do something else you love. If your just starting, why force yourself to do something you hate? Get some exercise in with something you'll enjoy.
Valdemar F.
Initially, just do what you enjoy!
You're much more likely to stick with an exercise-routine if you're doing something you enjoy.
Better not to do something than do it resentfully.
When you're in a positive mood (maybe after a pleasant walk) try just One push-up…and Celebrate that you did it!
Always take small steps: celebrate your progress; anfd accept any "back-sliding" as part of life (and just start again when you feel ready). If in a month, say, you're still only doing One push-up, that's fine – it's still one more than you used to do! Go easy on yourself. Enjoy your journey 🙂
Reis S.
I dread those things too! They remind me of gym class when all of the fit kids would make fun of me or just in general serious exercise which can hurt my self esteem and make me feel like I'm not good enough.
I've made a dance playlist of all of my favorite music that keeps me out of my head so I don't experience all of that doubt. Or another fun thing is watch a silly workout video on YouTube.
Utz F.
I’m supposing that you feel as though the gym-type exercises you describe are a chore, a boring imposition, and maybe whatever motivation you have doesn’t really feel like it’s yours.
Start very gradually, with a period of exercise that is so short that nobody could consider it a chore. Do not be in a hurry to extend the exercise time. For example, if you were to go from 10 minutes a day (Week1) to an hour a day (Week2), you could be soon back to feeling like you don’t want to exercise for an hour. Also, know your limits, and use the easy version of an exercise where that’s right for you, or even avoid certain exercises if you know they aren’t right for you. Warm up and cool down, and build up strength, stamina and flexibility gradually.
Marisa Y.
You can simply use dancing as a form of exercise. Turn on some music and just move to the beat! It definitely can help you stay in shape. Zumba is another great option.
Malou E.
Getting a gym membership and committing to at least three group workout sessions a week is a good start. The instructor will prompt the exercises and being amongst others will motivate you. You’ll find others around you struggling as well but the best part is struggling through it together. It’ll make you want go back to the class the next day just to experience that sense of community.