How do you get motivated to do productive things? I would up today upset and lazier than usual

Marvin Z.
I just have to remember why I started makeing a change in first place. I need to focus on my goal and then everything that gets me there isn't as hard as it was
Nikhil O.
To begin with, it's a simple effect of your mind going, let's do this. Sometimes that doesn't happen and our brain decides to take the easier route, simply because it seems better. What I do may not work for everyone, however, I will still say it. I put them first or complete them and forget, since that's all the mind has a need to do. But in the end, you can always make people do as they please. I hope this helps.
Sonia Z.
A productive day is an organised one. For me, that means dedicated time at desk without interruption. As a business owner, interruption is my biggest challenge to deal with. I also find that if I get to work those days before others, then I’m already started and don’t get pulled into usual office morning interactions. That doesn’t happen as often as I’d like, mainly due to having children!