I do yoga almost everyday but I’m still not very flexible. What can I do to increase my flexibility?

Audrey I.
Take deep inhales and exhales when doing your deepest stretches; bringing oxygen into the muscles is the only way to increase flexibility.
Myriam V.
I can't say I have the solution, but at least from my experience it seems like you may be tensing up. Try supplementing with things that might relax you like meditation music and focused breathing exercises to relax your muscles, or aromatherapy. Maybe even a massage. Remember when you're doing yoga to find the balance between pushing your limits a little but not to the point of pain. That's what my yoga instructor used to tell us. Hope that helps!
Peyton U.
I found that holding poses the help flexibility for 40 sec. ( like middle split, right sided split, and left sided split) everyday for 3 weeks does the trick. The key is to set a timer and do it every day. But dont push yourself to hard and hurt yourself. Listen to your body and feel the stretch!
Frankie E.
I used to do yoga 5 years ago. Now I prefer body weight exercises. I think what the yoga guru in India taught me was to try and stretch with every breath. I could be wrong.
Pavel F.
If you are overweight you should lose some weight. And you need to have a healthy diet overall.The right execution of exercises is pretty important too.
Marya R.
You should study different positions in a deep way and try to force them all the time their in the class. Furthermore, doing a class about flexibility it’s a good alternative.
Magdalena X.
Well, I do not know how long have you been doing yoga, and what your practice looks like. You can try to change a little bit the practise, but, the most important is not to give up and continue. In yoga practice results come slowlier :0).
Diego T.
The journey of yoga is about the experience. It takes a long time to gain flexibility and there is no rush to achieve this. Breathe in. Breathe out.

If you really want to focus on flexibility, do long slow yoga practices that focus on holding positions for a long time. Allowing you to stretch into them and breathe through that ‘uncomfortable’ stage…. not pain I might add!

Keep up regular practice, I have a daily practice, and it will come!

Mitchell Z.
Don’t worry about it too much, remember that it’s called “yoga practice” not “yoga perfect”. Your flexibility will increase if continue practising( even 5 min a day are enough)!
Heather Q.
I do yoga too and for me it helps to have an instructor. With everything going on maybe some virtual classes with zoom.com. the place I go warms up really well and cools down the last 10 minutes. I take every 3 days off. Because of soreness. I'm a beginner. I'd like to do more bare burning not ready. Try stretching for 7 min or so before yoga.