What’s the easiest excersise you do?

Simone I.
Here in The Netherlands we have a tv show called 'Nederland in Beweging', or ' The Netherlands is moving' if you will… There's a 15 minute episode everyday with a low intensity workout for all ages. In this time of Corona there are two episodes each day, to make sure everyone keeps moving while staying at home. I do an episode every morning to keep active!
Nilesh F.
If i am tired but i always want to make sure I am not skipping my regular journey. So I choose to take smaller path. By doing only streching or warm ups for 10-15 mints.
Michelle W.
Honestly? Cleaning. That may sound awful, but cleaning can raise your heartbeat. If you’re going through things and you’re lifting boxes etc., it’s almost like weight training. When you scrub and clean with rags and such, it’s honestly a workout because you’re using your upper body and sometimes your core to stabilize yourself while you clean. The best part is that you AND your house will look better for it. I know some people hate cleaning but looking at it like this changed my attitude towards cleaning.
Kartikeya N.
The simplest exercise I feel is running on the spot for 10 mins.It requires almost no gear and we can do it without even going outside the house.
Jeffery T.
I like squats because I feel the burn more and the power and I think I am the best at them out of all the exercises I do.
Courtney Z.
I would say the easiest exercise I do is yoga. I really enjoy it because it still challenges me to strengthen my body without feeling completely worn out. There is also a wide variety of yoga practices to fit everyone's level. I also love that it incorporates meditation and emotional well-being into my exercise routine.
Daniela N.
The easiest for me is put on music I really like and dance to it. I don't really like exercising so dancing gets me in the mood. Afterwards, I do some light cardio and stretching.
Sarah U.
Well, I first started doing excersice with 7 minutes’ App. I was doing that routine everyday, until I felt prepared for something else. In YouTube, there’s a channel called GYMvirtual by Patri Jordan, she’s an Spanish girl who submits routines of different types. Nowadays I’m following her Novice Calendar. Even it’s a gradual routine, it’s a challenge to follow it!
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xoxo, Karen