Do you exercise before or after your breakfast? I find myself feeling too tired before my breakfast (and coffee) and too “full” after. Exercising in the morning thus feels always cumbersome. Tips?

Anna Z.
I actually don't exercise in the morning, but in the evening. I find it much more comfortable. I'm also the type of person that likes to do everything in the evening, I'm much more productive, than in the morning or through the day.
Carley J.
Try eating a lighter breakfast so you don’t feel so full afterwards, but still have enough energy to complete your exercise routine. Make sure you are getting some protein in your meal but not eating so much that you feel stuffed.
Corey E.
I do a few minutes of mediation and then a few yoga excersizes to stretch….not to much or for too long as the morning is usually a rush
Alice F.
I exercise before my breakfast. Then I'm more awake and mindful as I eat. I've also heard that your body is able to digest the food better after you exercise (which may or may not be true). I do drink water before I exercise which makes me feel more energized to do the exercise.
Rebekah O.
After, you have to leave a minimum of 90 minutes between eating and exercise. I am a fitness instructor so usually do between 4-5 hrs exercise a day. Cant stand coffee
Flenn P.
I always exercise before. My morning is busy, and there are pet's I need to take care of. So I exercise in my room right after waking up then go take care of my pets.
Gabrielle E.
I feel more motivated to exercise right after I've opened my eyes. And then I can have breakfast ( and coffee) in peace and enjoy it fully. Just start slowly running in place to get warmed up and it will get easier to continue with other exercises.
Brent U.
I feel the same, I actually think that just going for a short walk before breakfast is the best way and I am sticking to this.
Karen T.
I often make steel cut oats for breakfast, and they take about 20 minutes to cook. So what I do is set up my tablet next to the stove and do a walking video off of YouTube while its cooking! When breakfast is ready, I am done with my cardio workout too!
Lee C.
I find exercising after breakfast is better for me but to feel less full try and have a smaller breakfast or half before and half after
Fa U.
I like exercising before breakfast, when you do it for a couple of times that coffee cup will be exchangeable for exercise. Try drinking a glass of water and eating some quick snack (like almonds) if you are doing a full work out.
Taylor S.
I personally do my exercise before breakfast because I usually don’t feel hungry but I would suggest drinking a cup of water so you at least have something in your stomach
Arthur P.
I do it afterwards. I have l my water, then coffee, make breakfast then after 20-30 min, I exercise. But because I don't eat a big heavy breakfast it works well. 8 minutes isn'tlong enough to make someone sick. I'm doing simple stuff like squats and running in place and jumping on an exercise trampoline. Hasn't been a problem.
Katrina N.
This is quite a hard question to answer, but mostly i think that i just have a snack before exercising and a snack after. The snack usually being a fruit. So basically i divide my breakfast in two.
Kaylee U.
After my glass of water, I eat a cup of grapefruit. Then I start my workout with light yoga. That usually gets me going before breakfast.
Sarah Y.
I'm always quite tired in the morning, so I always start my day off with exercising, just to wake me up. Even simple jumping jacks will jumpstart my day so that I can wake up. I'm then quite hungry, which leads me into breakfast. If you're still having trouble, try doing high knees on the way to the breakfast table.
Herbert X.
I read in another book that mild exercise before breakfast is the way to go. So water, followed by vitamins, follow by light workout, followed by breakfast and coffee if you still need it.
Isidoro A.
Go to bed in your gym clothes. Exercise w a friend for accountability. Book a class you have to pay to cancel. I find exercising before breakfast makes me feel like I've accomplished something – but going to bed earlier helps too if I'm exercising first thing. Finding something you enjoy helps 🙂
Irmgard S.
I exercise before I eat breakfast. Yes, it is tough as I am still tired, but I push my self to do it. Then, once I have exercised, I have energy to make my coffee and my breakfast, and most importantly, for the whole day!
Rosemary Q.
I find it easier to do some light exercises early morning just before having breakfast.
However if I am going to the gym for a more intense workout I’ll have a bowl of cereal prior to my workout. That works well for me.
Eckhart X.
I work out before in order to wake myself up and speed up my metabolism. It may be a bit more challenging because you’re tired but it’s worth it in the end!
Luna Q.
I prefer to exercise before the breakfast. It helps me to fully wake up. If I'm too tired or if I'm going to do a very intense workout, it's better to have energetic snack before doing the exercise.
Mary X.
I personally exercise before breakfast. Afterwards makes me feel nauseous.
My exercise is yoga, and for me it starts slow and ramps up, so I wake up in the process before the strength building poses. Some options for you could be to drink just your coffee before you exercise, and/or to eat something small and quick burning like fruit or a cookie. Bodybuilders call this sort of thing "pre-workout" so that search term would give you more ideas. It may also be helpful to address your sleep if you're always waking up exhausted.
Tatiana N.
I have breakfast before exercise and then I get ready (put clothes on, groom that stuff) for the day/exercise and then I exercise. I find it makes me feel less full doing something small before doing exercise