How do you stick with your exercise routine every day?

Christian F.
I do something that I want to do. Not going to the gym has been easy but it has been hard to get up in depressive episodes. To make it easy and just dance while I make some coffee is amazing.

Kenneth Z.
Honestly sometimes I feel like becoming a couch potato again but what motivates me is my boyfriend. He makes me realise that being fit will lead to a better life with no health problems and so on.. so with this thought i keep myself busy with exercise

Hannah L.
I don't worry if I can't get it done as soon as I wake up each day. If it means I go for a walk in the afternoon then fine, or do an exercise video on YouTube in the evening then fine. Otherwise I feel like I've failed before 9am and that doesn't feel good

Michelle F.
I like to do light stretching and yoga. I’ve been putting a yoga mat down the night before in the room where I usually get changed, this way all I already have the things I need out to do yoga before I put on my clothes for the day.

Abhie G.
Hi! Making this kind of changes in life routine is not easy to make it, i try this many times to habe a plan for my daily routine but always im failed thats why my friend was always teasing me regarding this matter because they know that im not become succed.. but in this year i try my best with the help of fabulous… i like this app they teachme in a simple way first you can start it first in a small details so that you can succeed now im in a 4th days of doing this, first drinking waterafter wake up2 exercises, proper eating … its very helpful to specially to my health

Thank you