Have you found the trick of doing just one push-up at first to be successful? If so, why? If not, why not?

Allie Y.
I haven't tried it. I was already doing 10 in a row so I started from that amount but if I wasn't able i would start by doing 1 and concentrate on doing it well and slow… Until it becomes fluent. And then try and do more… For me it would pull-ups that I can't do even one properly
Disney Z.
Yes and no….. do one, then do one more, and one more after that. There is success when you learn you can do one, then push your self. I do push-ups already and started with the idea of just one but then pushed more in the set to also over come my own mental blocks. This help build confidence and strength. Now I can do 35 in 30 seconds. I help others in our group with first form (less pain), then finding joy in 1-5 push-ups (rewarding), and then keep working on it without a set standard that you need to be at a level or ability. It is an individual goal, but you also can not get lazy.
Clara Z.
I couldn't even do one push-up at first, so I began even simpler: holding a plank first for 30 seconds, then two or three sets of 30 second, then one minute. Using Fabulous I've realized that it IS very important to start small to build habits. Once the habit is there, it is much easier to increase complexity or intensity.
Byron N.
Yes because I viewed it as a building block to start from. One Push up is much easier to do than 20-30 and as you increase your count day by day from one to two then three and so on, you not simply are building your strength. In fact, I believe you are also creating a habit of reaffirming yourself to exercising in an almost religious way which you, over time, can come to appreciate.
Joe I.
Being a power lifter I am always trying to push myself and see what I can do. Yeah you can do one push but it won't help in the grand scheme of things. Try giving yourself a goal each day. For example on the first day you say I want to reach 10 push ups. If you reach that then the next day set a higher goal. If you don't reach 10 keep the same goal just try everyday until you get it!


Annamaria F.
Yes but not every day. I am mixing exercising so some days I'm riding our exercise bike (even if I only do 5 mins) and on other days I follow the 7 min exercise routine on this app.
Arthur N.
Yes. Once I've taken the effort to get ready doing anything to start kicks off a "well I might as well keep going now" thought process and I complete the challenge.
Byron W.
At the beginning it is not easy, some days I didn't want to, but as a letter from fabulous said, "just ask yourself: why did you starting doing this?" And the answer is a good push-up.
Amanda O.
Yes. Because your goal was one push up and you did it. Second day can be 2 push ups. It sounds like slow progress, but only in the beginning. In few weeks, you will realize that any other way sounds impossible and you'll be doing 20+ push ups. This is not easy, but totally worth it. I'm confident. Just don't be too hard on yourself of you skip one day. Remember to keep going
Mads W.
I think yoga helped me the most. Doing planks and down dogs really helped my upper body and core. ( All the necessary muscles for pushups )
Rene P.
Yes! I always do more than one but it also makes me feel in control even if I don’t do a longer workout because I know I’m doing what I committed to doing.
Frida W.
I don't really understand, even if you are a beginner you have to do sets to tear muscle. If you can only do one pushup then do it then take a break, as long as you want. After a minute or so do another. Then again. Do your max amount of push-ups each set.
Iracema P.
I like to follow a YouTube workout video when I exercise. Everyday I look forward to do it and I enjoy it. In the evenings I like to go for a walk and do a bit of exercise. That's what keeps me motivated at all time.
Sherri C.
You need to get a reward for doing it. I run and my reward is after the run to get a hot shower it give me a feeling of relax and complete. Every time when I don’t want to I think about my reward.
Estelle O.
With push ups I usually start on my knees as opposed to on my toes. Once I build enough strength to do this I move to my toes and do a couple and then rest and continue until I’m in a position to do a dozen in a row