What is a perfect time to eat after the exercising?

Alexa O.
Actually, I eat before my morning exercise, because my exercise represents walking to the office. My office is about 5km away from my place, so walking to it represents the best way to burn some calories in the morning. To not get bored until I reach the office I listen to audiobooks about self improvement. This way I gain some more motivation to keep going.
Abbey N.
I would wait about 10 minutes after I exercise to eat anything. This gives your body a chance to slow down and I think if it as digesting your food in a more relaxed way.
Osohai E.
After exercising, please have some rest. Then drink some water and try to eat 10 to 15 minutes later after exercise. Thank you. Stay connected.
Mary X.
Usually after I work out, I don't really want to eat much. I think rehydrating with some caloric drinks helps. Like milk, juice, or Gatorade.
Aya Z.
After half an hour to an HOUR, you can eat easy carb immediately after your exercising like bananas, apple, dates. After an hour you can eat your protein,carbs, fats within the healthy range.
Tristan J.
I feel like doing it within the 15 minutes after you are done. I don’t eat anything heavy. I tend to eat a banana or oatmeal before, but water after. But I don’t think there’s a wrong answer here.
Marius F.
I’ve heard than eating within a half hour after a workout is optimal. This meal should include protein to help muscles begin to strengthen.
Sally Z.
I believe that cooling down with some water, after about 20 minutes have a protein packed meal. Adequate protein with some healthy carbs (vegetables), and healthy fats (if using oil: avocado or olive). This should ensure satiety while replenishing all the body's nutrient and hydration needs, in adequate amounts and necessary timing.
Yana N.
It depends on the type and time of exercise and your goals. E.g, I'm female, so I want lean prolongated muscle – so I have just black coffee after my lunchtime HIIT workout, then lunch in 30 mins. If you don't mind seeing more muscle definition, then a banana or protein shake straight after is usually good – to repair the broken muscle. Then stick to your usual breakfast – lunch – dinner routine times 🙂
Domniki X.
That depends… What kind of exercise do you do? How intense is it? What time of the day you do it?
I think its best such answers should be taken by specialists.
Aubrey P.
I usually wait for about 20 minutes to eat. It's always something light like yogurt or some fruit or even some nuts. I exercise about an hour after breakfast so I'm already nourished and then I'll have my snack afterwards. Stay hydrated!