How is your journey going?

Jaqueline X.
It’s been eye opening and bonding. The consistency of getting up every morning and following a routine has shifted my energy. I’ve become more patient and attentive. Even though I don’t consider myself a morning person I find myself looking forward to my mornings now. My relationships with others are now positively effected. Time, always felt like there wasn’t enough of it, but I just wasn’t taking advantage of it. This is just within my first week of trying this app but it has been a tremendous help spiritually, mentally, and physically.
Linda P.
I havent gotten the hang of the app. I however intend on making changes to my body, eating habits and my mindset and I am taking it one step at a time e
Margie U.
Pretty well. For starters I decided to take it easy and do my rituals regardless of if I took longer to do them or did some parts later. The idea is to incorporate great habits, not to enforce a schedule thats unchanging, cause life isnt unchanging. So far ive done every task for 18 days. Im happy with that result. Some days I do one of the Fabulous's exercises and other days I go cycling!
Ern Ni Z.
It’s OK. I feel like the app has a few too many things going out, but I’ve been able to stick with the new habits so far so that’s good.
Maddison U.
I feel very accomplished and its also been hard at times. Situations at home or work have caused me stress and left me feeling unmotivated and apathetic towards my goals. I have fallen off many times and felt like a failure, but I have also noticed a difference in my mood, my clothes fit different, my skin looks healthier. So I realize these small changes are impacting my life greatly. I've been torn down so many times that now I really just want to be there for myself and be gentle with my progress. It is worth it. I am worth it. I am enough.
Thank you Fabulous!!
Giesela U.
It's going pretty well. I'm going slow and sometimes I'm not successful but I just try again. I try to be steady until I'm consistent. And I celebrate the small stuff.
Connie F.
it’s going fine but i haven’t been as positive lately. i don’t know what it is trying to stop me but i’m losing some of my confidence.
Noe S.
My journey is going great. I change small habits, keep doing them every day and feel the energy and power pouring into myself
Wieslaw R.
Ehhhh, it's going? It was a bit difficult at first but my determination carried me through the difficult beginning. Now I'm just trying to set my routine and make sure I don't forget anything. As far as journeys go.. It's a pretty leisurely, scenic one. Metaphorically speaking. I'm sure there's more to come though. Oh well, what's life without a challenge or two?
Answer: boring.
Lonnie P.
It is going really well. I got myself on track to live a healthy lifestyle, integrated a lot of things I had learned previously but wasn't using, and I feel really good.
Jimmy S.
It’s going really well! How is yours going? However, I am really worried because volleyball tryouts are this week and I am really nervous! 😰😰
Emmie Z.
So far my journey is going really well. I’ve noticed some changes in my daily routine and I’ve started to change my bad habits into healthy ones. I’m really enjoying my journey so far, and I hope you are too!😊
Thibaut N.
Still in the beginning stages but it feels good to stick to a regiment. Drinking water in the morning is hard to accomplish because I like to sleep as long as possible and generally rush around, but working out every day feels so good!
Rasmus Z.
It's going good, it keeps what good habits need to be reminded.
So still at start, need to focus more on journaling and study.
Then bringing it into a constant state of energy and creativity to exact my goals
Meta F.
Its picking up. I'm starting to walk and exercise at least 3-5 times a week for each. Water consumption increasing. Starting apple cider vinegar 1 tbsp a day
Darryl F.
So far so good. I find holding myself accountable much easier to do when I have a checklist to follow and reminders to keep at it. I enjoy have routines as it seems to make everything in my life flow smoothly.
Ron Y.
It's going well! I am having a difficult time staying motivated with my studies, but my morning routine is helping me stay energized
Nathana L E.
It's alright. I need to work on time management and possibly try to wake up earlier to make room for more habits and not feel so rushed in the morning
Edgar Z.
It's been hard for me to keep up the practice. I am trying my best to complete all the habits I committed to. I need more determination to keep up my promise. I'll do it for sure.
Susie U.
As if now goodn problem is i dont have time only weekends i am following it properly other days partially, i am sure i need to start money making side hustle so that i have time to built my life the way i want to
Esther U.
Journey is okay, it could be better but I'm sure that once my kids get into school that I would be able to build a regular routine for myself. a little more time and effort will get me to where I want to be.
Ellie E.
My journey is doing amazing 😉 🥰 i love it 🥰 its cool and i feel a change 🤩🌈👏🏻❤️ I woke up early for my meditation 🧘‍♀️ it was cool 😎 I loved it ..! Hope you get more attention like how u got mine 🙂
Angela T.
It's only been a few weeks since I started, but I feel better than I ever did. Establishing daily routines and habits has brought a better sense of consistency and order in my life, and the challenges are great for pushing past your limits.
Sean T.
it going good but for how long will i be able to continue, when i star working shifts will it be possible to maintain routines?