I am having trouble exercising in the morning because I do a longer workout in the afternoon. Is this enough or should I be doing both?

Cat Y.
I think a longer workout in the afternoon is fine but if you do the morning one it can be something as easy as a light stroll.
Nafiseh Z.
I am going to explain from my personal experience: I have more energy in the afternoon rather than morning, so I decided to have some stretch and yoga exercises in the morning for 7 minutes to continue my habit and try to build habits and have some more heavy exercises in the afternoon
Ashley J.
Based on a fitness instructor I met, she explained that every person's body is different. Their lifestyles are also different, therefore there is no 1 way of doing things. As long as you remember why you are doing this habit in the first place, I think timing of it doesn't really matter.
Philip N.
Workout doesn't mean, you have to stress yourself unnecessarily. The goal is to be active for some certain period in a day, it doesn't matter when. In fact, it's no longer healthy if you have to worry too much about it.
Personally, I walk in the evening most of the times and only go in the morning when I'm chanced. But, the sweetness is that I'm consistent and that's all that matters. So, choose the one you can live it and that easily fits into your schedule(morning or afternoon) and be consistent with it. Good luck and hugs. Love and Light.
Gabriella B.
I bet you are doing great. You should keep doing the morning work out and the afternoon workout because you should push yourself to your best limits. You got this !
Andreea Z.
Your body knows best. It's a complex and perfect machine. So if you listen to it, you should know what works best for you, it will give you many hints. If you feel like doing both, nothing will stop you. But if you prefer doing only the one in the afternoon, there's nothing wrong with that. And you can use your morning time to do something else.
If you really want to commit to the morning exercise, I'd suggest to try something softer, such as yoga.
Annicia T.
i think it’s enough! as long as you’re keeping your body active in some way, it’s good already. as far as i know, people only workout once a day at most so you’re doing GREAT hun <33
Nafiseh Z.
I am going to answer this question from my personal experience; I have more energy in the afternoon rather than morning so I decided to do some stretch and yoga in the morning for 7 minutes to continue my habits. But I do some more heavy exercises in the afternoon and it's really give me good feeling