How do you exercise and eat healthy while traveling?

Domniki X.
You try to find healthy options for food, and you can combine exercise with long walks of exploring thw new place or something! It doesnt have to be like usual, a trip should be different and fun
Nilesh F.
I always make sure that I am carrying fruits or fry fruits with me. If you ask me about exercises, it doesn't required any specific devices to carry. You can simply do it anywhere whatever stuffs you have. You can simply go for a run. You can do pushups. Anything.
Alexandra Y.
I try to focus on eating a healthy breakfast and lunch so that I can relax at dinner time and enjoy my meal. In terms of exercise, walking and swimming are great. If you’re used to more intense exercise then some thing like the 7 minute workout app is great.
Laura N.
I travel for work constantly
YouTube exercise videos in my hotel room. I usually stay at places with a fridge microwave. I swing by a grocery store between the airport and checking into the hotel. I buy salad kits, whole fruit, precooked meals from the deli, etc.
Alba B.
Tbh that has not happened yet, unless going to my parents counts. Then what I've done is get together with my sister for the sport and just try to make my own meals (even more so for breakfast) and refuse any kind of sweets or others that I should not eat.
Anton A.
That's a good question. Eating is easier, keep fruits, wholegrain grains bread and granola, greens and grilled foods closer. As for exercises, a morning routine before breakfast or long walks keep me and family active