How do you get motivated when you are tired?

Avelino Z.
This is something I still struggle with. Sometimes I just have to remember that motivation doesn’t dictate what I can and can’t do. Also, opposite action has helped me remember that when I don’t want to do something like cleaning, then I should just get up and do it. It takes less mental energy to get up and do the thing than sitting there thinking about the thing for 20+ minutes before doing the thing.

Roary N.
First and foremost what motivates me when I’m tired is reminding myself how good I’ll feel about myself when I push through being tired or just not really feeling it. Also, I ask myself “Am I actually tired?” As in, if I don’t work out today, I will literally be sleeping or am I just feeling lazy and likely will be watching television or lost in my phone?

Also, I always, always have more energy and feel proud of myself when I push through to do a workout (especially on days I’m feeling blah).

Remember that there will be some days you can go all out and crush your ideal goal and there will be some days where you can only do 10 minutes, just commit to do even a portion and you’ll feel so much better and be on schedule to continue building tomorrow.

Robert O.
Honestly, there's nothing really you can tell yourself to get motivated. And watching or listening to motivational speeches is just another way of putting off what you need to do. The best, and probably only way is just to start! You can tell yourself "I'll only do whatever it is for a minute", but a great and magical thing happens once you start. You begin to feel a bit of a pull to do more and you carry on, saying "well I'll just do 5 minutes more". But it's that 5 crucial minutes that really puts you into the grip of what you are doing, with thoughts about motivation and tiredness being forgotten and replaced by an ever increasing concentration on what it is your doing!
So really motivation is only really a 5 minute concept, if that.
Dive in miserable and tired, and sure enough that grip will get a hold of you and you'll be away!

Charli P.
I have a lot of issues of doubt and letting how tired I am concur, I have sleep insomnia which I have only recently started being treated for and used to only sleep 1-3 hours per night, I also used to be a competitive dancer, I used to depend on the people around me, I knew I needed to know all the steps, or become more flexible and I pushed myself to a breaking point. Look I wards look at how you see the world, and how you want it to be seen. Have faith in knowing your boundaries but know that even when you think you couldn’t possibly have any more energy it’s there, hidden beneath the surface. Don’t overuse this energy only use it if necessary but know it’s there.

Kaneki Y.
I'll tell myself to take a short break, after I'm done I'll remind myself of my original goal, I think that's my way of motivation when I'm tired.

Natasha P.
to be honest i’m not sure yet i still struggle with doing so myself and often find myself with no motivation to do simple every day tasks due to fatigue. i feel as though it drags me down and i could not even imagine how much of a better and more efficient person i would be if i didn’t have that constant fatigue pulling me down. i can contribute a lot of it to my new medication so i’m not sure but my therapist says that it’s ok the sometimes lack motivation. one thing that does sometimes work for me is just letting my body accept the lack of motivation for a while. i find if i do that then i am able to feel less disappointed in myself and i find myself sometimes able to do activities after without the fatigue after i’ve accepted that’s it’s there.

Eliana P.
Play happy music and think about how how close I am to reaching my goal, whether it's the repetition count, the set, or the whole workout

Robert O.
The routine is essential to establish, once it is automatic you don't even need to think about it while you're doing it. I find the app helps to prompt me to do the things that I said I needed to do to prevent me from being tired regularly. That said, if the committments are too high then perhaps you should start small and gradually build up.

Dirk X.
First of all, I admit that I'm tired and need some relax. So I relax for a while without thinkink about what I have to do, relax without guilt. Maybe just some breathing, it helps to clean mind and get new energy. After a few minutes it gets better and I go doing what I have to do. Also music is big help!