Do you just do the exercises on the app too or do you actually do other exercise as well because of the app?

Beck N.
I don't use the app to exercise all the time because I do have a workout routine I created for myself but before I started my routines I did use the app. It's about what works best for you.
Jasper F.
Before I had this app I have exercised for a while. I have been weightlifting, boxing and doing mauy Thai for about 2 years. I also train for baseball for my school. I have been playing For 6 years
Antonio Z.
Exercise could be the single most thing that I always shy away from. Not necessarily because I am lazy, I am very much keen on playing football and other sports. But the very thought of it make me crippled for some enigmatic reason, I believe it is one of the cognitive biases that I read into very recently that creates this veil of frivolousness of action despite knowing the truth, and a faulty reasoning that I do sweat during other activities could take place for it instead. Now that I am aware of this whole , almost pathological thought process, it will no longer be a hinderance in imbibing this highly transformative habit into my life.